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It hears, but it is that the Web that you have created to me does not have visits!

One of the things that more rage gives me, is supposition that the created webpage, she solita is going to realise marketing online and to receive the visits totally free. Clear that if guapi.

It is more, as if it had legs, will take a walk by the social relative and friendly networks inviting.

One will appear in the offices of newspapers and blogs to beg for connections that increase their authority.

One will twin with blogs placing commentaries.

It will enter reputation forums to help to other people with the information contained in his Web and a length and length etc.

And all this, including in the design Web totally free and of by life pati pasiempre.

If a serious work is wanted. We are serious.

A Web, by very attractive that is, by the very good SEO On Page (that now we will see what is), by very good that is their servant of hosting, or by very good person that is the owner, the page, by itself, IS NOT GOING AWAY TO POSITION AND NOBODY WILL VISIT IT unless is a minimum strategy of positioning or digital marketing.

Ok. Only there is a case. In case you are only going to use the webpage for your calling cards. But eye, that if the user does not write directly in the square of the URL (the part superior of the navigator) and happens to him that it can find you by the name of your company in the finder of Google, then, since you have not made a minimum of indexing of the page, I already say I to you that nor I took root are going to find to you in Internet.

But nowadays, as minimum, you will need that when somebody writes in the finder of google the name of your company, you appear in the results search. I say this because if you do not have a minimum correct SEO, not even putting the exact name of your company you will appear in the results search. It sounds strong but it is that it is thus. If your name begins by the F, evil subject because Facebook begins by f. With that already you I say it everything.

Million webpages to the day are created, and since you do not make well your SEO, simply YOU DO NOT EXIST.

But What we will need exactly? Ok, for this we needed to analyze all the present strategies for the obtaining of traffic Web. In this way you will be able to take the election correct and fit to your objectives.

We will begin with the SEO.

The SEO (Optimization Search Engine) as its name indicates, is the optimization in the web search engines. This means that the webpage will be conformed following the recommended landlords to obtain advantage as far as the positions in the web search engines. Hundreds and hundreds of hypothesis with respect to as exist at present these optimizations are due to realise. This is basically because the web search engines as for example Google uses a secret algorithm to position and to evaluate the webpages. Nevertheless, Google makes available a series of indications that will improve the positioning if or if, gathered in the calls €œGoogle Best Practices€.

In the thread of this explanation the SEO is subdivided, in broad strokes, in two basic slopes.

SEO ON PAGE. That is to say, all the optimizations that can be realised from the own webpage which they allow to give the necessary information to the web search engines for this can award to us with better positions.

The SEO IN Off PAGE. One of the forms to measure the positioning of a webpage is to analyze as the rest of webpages with respect behaves ours. If our webpage receives external liaisons will be an indicator of which our webpage is important. If those connections are of bad opinions will be bad, if they are of subjects that do not have anything to do, also is valued as something negative, etc, etc. That is to say, the SEO IN Off PAGE is all the actions that contribute authority to our webpage thanks to the obtaining of external liaisons of quality.

The global SEO also is subdivided as well in two types.

Black Hat SEO.

Black hat is all those actions that on approval put the back web search engines and their hollows for, of fraudulent or alegal way to obtain better positions in the web search engines.

This type of SEO can get to obtain results in relatively short periods but with a high risk. Since if the page is penalized by the web search engines already you can give by dead to the domain and the author because it will be very difficult to rescue that Web.

If you already have Web You know that type of SEO is applying to your webpage? He would be interesting to know it no? You would be surprised the amount of professionals who sell the motorcycle to their clients saying to them that them positions in Google but without warning to them of the possible future consequences.

I am not against nor in favor of the Black Hat. I only create advisable and sensible to inform to the client about which type of techniques is going away to implement perhaps because to the client he does not interest to engage that type to him on watch or€¦ Perhaps if? to realise some sale ninja? In any case the client commands but he is recommendable to show all the options first to him.

White Hat SEO.

If black hat is the bad ones you practice white hat is easy to understand. White Hat is all those practices practices that take shelter of €œbest of Google€ and all those actions that use the common sense generally.

The advantages to make a good SEO are many. But the main one of them is that Google, once you have your position, is very difficult to lower to you.

Perhaps the disadvantage is that a time in finding that stability takes. And once obtained that stability it will need a minimum maintenance to hold that position of by life.

SEM. Search Engine Marketing.

Another method of obtaining of visits to our Web is paying to the web search engines directly so that they position us in the first positions. This method is simpler obvious. Nevertheless, although in costs it leaves as well as to make a positioning ONPAGE and OFFPAGE, the disadvantage is that we will always depend on the payment of that publicity to obtain visits in our Web. In a good SEO the costs will be reduced in the long run, in campaigns of SEM this never will happen.

In which cases we would have to use the payment publicity? then very simple.

When we spoke of positioning we talked about to position to us in certain searches that the users realise. Since you already intuit there will be words more complicated to position due to the force with which they have been positioned determined pages that compete by those searches.

Therefore, to pay directly can be a good option since to make a SEO for those certain searches it would be outside our possibilities and it would extend to too much the process of obtaining of visits. In this case Google Adwords it would be a very recommendable option.

SMM. Social Average Marketing.

Another present and fashionable method is the use of the social networks to publicize our webpage.

The advantages and disadvantages to obtain visits to our webpage in this case are quite similar to the campaigns of SEM.

Nevertheless we did not need to hope to that our objective public makes his searches in Internet to find us. We can invade his space of relaxation in the social networks to approach it with our publicity.

This can be something to you invasive. But the social networks allow to segment of a very specific form our objective public. Therefore, it will be very difficult to show the users something that is not of their interest.

This type of strategy for the obtaining of visits usually is indicated mainly for companies of new creation or those that have a strong social component that the social networks could harness their diffusion.

So that you become an idea.

Pepe has a bar. His Manolo client it likes to take some canes seeing soccer. Manolo does not enter Internet and looks for:

€œTo take canes seeing soccer€.

Therefore, if Pepe wants that Manolo comes to its bar will invest something of publicity in the social networks putting a payment announcement that propagates in its locality saying something as well as:

€œThis final Sunday Barcelona-Madrid, Two Jars at the cost of one€.

and things thus.

SMM. Social Management Average.

Finally it arrives already that forgotten myth the Comunity Manager. It is certain well that it continues being a fundamental piece in companies 2.0.

Nevertheless it is necessary to recognize that it continues being a position badly phelp in the small businesses.

Good community manager uses as the technology to be continuously spreading contained related to the company in social means. That means 24h*24h.

It is laborious some supplies to me from use that offer work of community manager by the multi-industry minimum wage.

I understand that the English has not been never a strong subject in the Spanish culture. But, please, the title says it well clearly: MANAGER = THE ONE IN CHARGE, HEAD, INTERMEDIATE CONTROL, ETC.

That is to say, she will be a person who to part to be all day in the computer also will organize social events, will be in charge to take to necessary photographers or instagramers, will organize contests in the networks, etc, etc.

You are not mistaken. Community manager is not a position more within the department of attention to the client. In any case, an executive more within the publicity department and marketing. In addition one that will be fought much with all the directive of marketing since also he will be responsible for the reputation online.

You are not mistaken. Community manager will not be an uncle or nice aunt within the company. She will be a person whom it will have to fight with all the dandruff of the company. It will at all costs fight against all the laziness to modernize the image of the company. And surely one will face a constant frustration put the creativity nowadays and the experimentation is things that put the hairs of end to the companies that live with their precarious umbrella of the enterprise traditionalisms holding as they can the shower of the crisis.

Ok, I believe that I exaggerate a little. Facing the public, community manager will not be so disagreeable, it is more must have the integrity to swallow the enterprise shortages and when it is called on to give the face to the clients to keep all the cloud underneath the carpet. And in the majority of the cases, according to the wage that receive, according to the hierarchy adopted by the company, they will have a degree of implication or another one.

Final conclusion.

As you see, this of the traffic Web requires of a qualified professional. Somebody that can advise to you and to indicate to you which is the strategy more indicated to follow according to the business model.

I hope that you have liked this post. If you have friendly businessmen you are not bad. Comp¡rtelo and you do to improve his strategies of business in Internet.


If you have any doubt this is an open channel where you can leave your commentaries. I always walk something occupied but I do not take much in responding. The Traffic Web. That great stranger. SEO, SEM, SMM, SMM.

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