SEO . Hello enterprising of the Canary Islands. I inform you that you have arrived at this page thanks to the work from our equipment from positioning Web: SEO .

Our equipment is one of the best ones positioning Webs at local level in .  As proof of it, if you look for design Web or SEO you verify that our Web appears in the first positions.

But before explaining to you how this can at present be vital for the maintenance of your company, we are going to define in that consists this of the positioning Web. Speech our SEO  equipment.

What is the SEO?

The SEO, in English Optimization Search Engine. In Spanish €œoptimization in the web search engines€. That is to say, following the recommendations of Google, a series of actions will be realised that will improve the conditions in which Google will score your webpage and consequently your webpage would appear in the first positions below the publicity.

How benefit the SEO can company?

The first benefit is obvious: Visibility. As you will know nowadays Google continues being the place where people go to solve a problem, to find a company that of the service which they look for or to solve some certain doubt.

To appear in the first positions allows you to be where at the suitable moment and the place for your clients.

The second benefit is less obvious but we explained it to you so that you understand it. (Saving in costs)

At the moment two forms only exist to appear in the first positions in the searches of Google. One is the SEO and the other is Google Adwords (Publicity through the platform)

It is possible to say that both methods are effective for the companies but following each case it agrees to you plus which another one. In CHOS THAT WEB we advised to you in everything so that you do not fall in the error to try to only do it without a professional to your side.

The advantages of the positioning are that once reached the stable positions the investment becomes minimum because Google €œawards€ of some form the people who we do it well. Nevertheless to reach these positions requires something of effort and work and the results begin to arrive as of month 6.

The advantages of Google Adwords are that you accede to the first positions of a faster form without having what to carry out this previous work. Nevertheless the economic cost that it not always supposes compensates by the investment that already is realising your competition. Only in certain cases it is a profitable option.

If you are already convincing to you that the SEO could be your next investment in publicity, ponte in touch with us without commitment no.

If not yet you have been convinced or you need more information about the SEO, we recommended our reading to you.

For that reason the SEO could become a in the long term interesting flow of sales. In addition its consequent establishment to authority in your niche of market since a greater confidence in the perception of the users is generated who more and more use Internet to realise the taking of their final decisions of purchase of a certain product or service. The objective of SEO is to optimize your webpage to gain positions in the web search engines.

Implemented certain tricks you can go little by little gaining positions in the listings search.

If you wish to contract some professional services SEO enter CHOS THAT WEB and you will see everything what we can offer to you.

You imagine a service that you position to you in the first web search engines. And in addition without making traps. Communicating to you at any moment that we are doing to him to your webpage.

Sending monthly results to you so that you can verify as you are increasing your positions in the web search engines.

It enters CHOS THAT WEB and you will know the power the SEO in .

SEO : A fight that already has begun for SEO .

Why do people look for to position a Web? What has behind all that work?

If you will be to the current but 80% of the Webs in the canary archipelago not they have not been updated nor optimized.

He is this good or bad one?

You can see it as something good if you optimize of a basic way your page. In this way you would manage €œto rankear€, that is to say, you will put yourself over all those Webs in the web search engines.

For example, if for the term search€ sale of houses in € exists of 1.000.000 pages competing by those terms search.

Optimizing your webpage of a basic way you would put yourself AUTOMATICALLY over the 800,000 pages.

The subject is something more complex than this, but it is so that you become an idea.

With a correct optimization and a strategy of SEO Web you would obtain, step by step to be placed in the first positions.

could be a pioneering province in the development of the digital technology as exit bridge.

Now we are going to see a little in depth more than he is this of the SEO and as it works.

You do not believe that he is so complicated. It continues reading and you will see that easy you understand it.

What are that of the key words? Famous keywords and the price of the words.

Everything begins with the selection of the key words. You have asked yourself so that some key words are worth more than others?

The answer is that easy. By its intention of purchase.

What means this?

Very easy. We put the example of two key words: €œTo buy floor in Adeje€ €œthe best floors of adeje€

Which of the two words has greater intention of purchase? To or Good B.I believe that it is not necessary to be very capable for this.

Google describes the key words by the competition that exist among them and the volume as monthly searches that produce.

, If so easy nevertheless outside serious as to write on these key words and already it is.


In order to know if a content is important or no, Google needs to verify that other webpages exist that mention the direction of this page so that this gains crebilidad.

Therefore the SEO has two crucial aspects. The well-taken care of and strategic selection of the contents and key words of your page and the amount and quality of connections that aim towards her.

It is that simple. But as you understand this takes curro.

However, the advantage of this is that you do not produce any cost but that the one of manpower and with much patience, many of the tasks them can make one same one to reduce the number of hours.

Another advantage is that in addition you do not have to invest in payment plans that the same Google offers for those valuable key words.

Therefore we make a simple summary of the excellent aspects of SEO :


SEO On Page

He is what one is going away to realise within your Web.

What will allow the web search engines to know things as for example: where this your business, to that it is dedicated, that does, etc. and the agreement that exists with the key words that you have chosen to begin to compete. You should also choose the right and appropriate cheapest dedicated server provider for your website. In order to do that, you should know the differences between a vps hosting low cost and other type of hosting. And also them and cheapest unlimited web hosting service and its benefits. You should know whether or not it supports your basic needs such as control panel, joomla, etc.

Within this section also important aspects are included recently as the design. Since Google also describes a page if this is practical and readily accessible and usability.

For example, if there is some button, this it must be in all the movable devices and accessible from any size of screen.

This is what Design is denominated technically Web Responsive.

Also another crucial aspect is important. Google loves much its users and it does not like that they are impatient. If your webpage takes years in loading Google will misestimate it and it would lower it of positions. Therefore all the images of your webpage must little load fast and to be heavy

SEO Off Page

They are excellent aspects that cause that your webpage gains authority with respect to your competitors Web.

It remembers, as we before shelp, the connections that aim at a Web indicate that Web is excellent and more important that the others.

So that you see an example, a way to secure connections is associating your webpage to the portals of social networks as Google+, Facebook or twitter.

In this way connections of automatic form are created towards your webpage. Several types of connections exist and some are more difficult to obtain than others.

Some have but weight that others also.

The work of SEO Off Page will be to make all the possible contact that they make gain authority and SEO to your portal.

Final conclusions

I do not have any present statistic to prove the following point, but one would dare to say that there is a pile of proprietors of personal websites that are more professional in branding Web that its homologous ones of great companies.

The SEO (Optimization Search Engine) is a special science to obtain volume of traffic of described website, through diverse types of improvements.

Suitable key words, density of key words, naturalness in the text flow and a good algorithm of phrases and style are included, especially selected for each type different from website.

Another objective is to attract the attention of the visitor, which cannot happen automatically.

Therefore, the text must have sense.

The SEO techniques can be classified in two great categories: the techniques that recommend the practices web search engines how best of Google, and those techniques of which the web search engines are not approved by the web search engines.

The web search engines try to diminish the effect of these last ones, among them spamindexing.

The blogeros of the industry have classified these methods, and the professionals who use them, or as white hat SEO, or black hat SEO.

White Hat SEOs lies down to produce results that permanently last long time, whereas black hat SEOs can secure results in just a short time but also their sites can possibly be prohibited, of temporary form or once the web search engines discover what they are doing.

SEO in .

SEO already this available one in the Canary Islands. This section of the design blog Web CHOS THAT WEB this dedicated to the SEO in .

Here you will find always quality content.

We explained to you of a simple and effective way, the impact that has the SEO in within a strategy of obtaining of visits Web.

I hope that you enjoy it thoroughly.

If you want to know more of us enters here and you will see since to make a webpage in one becomes a professional task and outpost that your business of forms will drive that nor you imagine.

SEO can effectively be applied in our study of design Web CHOS THAT WEB.

Why we are so safe that you will obtain results? So that we have positioning tools of the main brands as Ahrefs, Seolyze, etc. With them we obtain €œbig dates€ that although the SEO in is not an exact science if who we can help to make the best decisions and to elaborate the best strategies of positioning.

With the purchase of anyone of ours packs of design Web you will have a professional analysis gratuitous SEO. UOOOO! we are crazy? No. we Only like the good work done.

No, we are only professionals who we want to give the best thing you.

SEO in by professionals for professionals.

Here you will find all the information necessary to be able to develop your business online.

The design Web, marketing online, the SEO, the development of the corporative image, will be the subjects to try.

SEO is to try to cause that a page gains positions in the ranking of the web search engines.

In this Web you will find fresh and burning subjects that they will help to understand the universal SEO you.

The services of SEO talk about to the optimization of web search engines: the process to improve the classification of a website in the web search engines Web.
Also one talks about to Optimization Search Engine where or the professional performs certain responsibilities and functions to improve the positioning of the criteria search in the Web for a certain webpage.

The services of SEO are an appropriate strategy for each website.

Other strategies of marketing in Internet can be more effective as the publicity phelp through campaigns of payment by click (PPC), following the goals of the operator of the site.

A campaign of marketing in Internet can also depend on the construction of webpages of high quality to seduce its objective public. This also is added to the use of programs of analysis to obtain that the administrators of the webpages can measure the results, being improved therefore the rate of conversion of sales of a certain webpage.

The services of SEO can generate a suitable return of the investment.

However, the web search engines are not pleased by the organic traffic search, their algorithms change, and there are guarantees of continuous no references.

Due to this lack of guarantees and certainty, a business that depends to a great extent on the traffic of web search engines can suffer great losses if the web search engines stop sending visitors.

The web search engines can change to their algorithms, affecting SEO , possibly giving by result a serious loss of the traffic.

According to the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, in 2010, Google did more than 500 changes of algorithms 60; €“ almost 5 per day. We go nothing almost.

A practice of wise business is considered that the developers of the portals Web release the dependency of the traffic of the Search Engine.

Nevertheless, a good professional of the SEO and vps hosting in usa will always apply the techniques that recommend the own web search engines as Google. In this way, the webpage will not undergo so much the changes of algorithm.

The services of positioning Web are necessary to promote your website, webpage and businesses

The businesses, the industries, the institutions and the organizations design and develop their Webs to exhibit their products or services.

Also in necessary that the companies spread all activities Internet for which really they follow a brand, service or product.

The main intention of a webpage or a portal Web is to attract the users.

Nevertheless, the majority of the websites does not attract and retains the visitors.

There are several reasons behind this.

The services of positioning Web, or more commonly denominated SEO: it consists in particular of the science that manages to bring more visits to a certain website, or eliminating the internal and external causes that do that the webpage not this positioning.

The services of positioning Web: SEO is the brief form or abbreviation of the optimization of web search engines. That is to say, to optimize a website or a webpage for the web search engines.

The web search engines respond to a consultation with connections to several webpages in particular.

The web search engines show this result way of list of options.

Normally there are ten I connect in a page search. This is important since those results that appear in number 11 will own a clear disadvantage at the time of securing visits.

The web search engines show hundreds of thousands of results a particular consultation typed by a spectator in their search.

Nevertheless, those are the results of the front page that really will have readers.

The services of SEO make very many to optimize a site. Investigation, analysis, tests, experiments, etc before undertaking a project of SEO .

The investigation and the analysis include analysis of sites, analysis of keywords or key words, etc.

They begin to work in the webpage after preparing the analysis report.

They begin with the creation of title, labels of title and labels Goal in agreement with the report.

Finally when already they have exhausted all the resources that can be realised within the same page. They will begin with the external works to the page.

What it is denominated as factors IN Off PAGE.

These are all the external factors to the webpage that do that a certain page positions more than other similars in their niche of market.

If you are looking for a professional really to develop your webpage knows CHOS THAT WEB. We create pages sensible Webs responsive, that is to say, to the sizes of screen. If you have not been renewing your webpage for more than 5 years, simply you do not have Web.

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