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CHOS THAT WEB is a study of CREATIVE design that offers the possibility of acceding to a service it jeopardize with the digital vanguard. The last exigencies of the web search engines as Google asks for with urgency a renovation of the webpages to be able to obtain the first positions. More adaptability to all the movable devices is demanded, improves of the usability of the page and the greater possible speed. In addition we offer Design of Logo and pack of complete corporative image.

Digital marketing

  • CHOS THAT WEB is also a laboratory of digital marketing where constantly the last tendencies of digital strategy try on to offer the best possible results.
  • Digital marketing based on Strategies of Positioning name brand.

Management of social networks

In scuchamos CHOS THAT WEB to your clients by means of the social networks. Also We created content adapted to your objective public to obtain the maximum €œengagement€ (Participation).

In this way we increased the propagation of your brand in social means and controlled your reputation. A good strategy of propagation name brand in the social networks can have the same effect that the great television networks but crazy cost that supposes to appear in traditional means.

services of positioning Web
Positioning Web

Positioning Web SEO/SEM

  • In testeamos CHOS THAT WEB constantly which are the most professional ways to obtain a qualified to your webpage and suitable traffic of visits to your needs of sale.
  • The SEO is the science that studies the positioning in the web search engines.

SEM is in charge of the obtaining of traffic Web by means of PPC campaigns (Payment by click).

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