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Date of use: 10 of June of 2018

1. Data of the person in charge of the treatment

Trade name: GUSTAVO LEFT SALINAS (in future, or the €œPerson in charge€).

NIF: 48303414X

Address: Street Hearts of Tejina Nº12 Blq.B Portal 2 Door b16 €“ 38685 €“ Tegina de Guia €“ SANTA CRUZ DE

Telephone: +34 687 645 337

Email for communications in the matter of Protection of data: INFO@Incubateurpicardie.COM

1.1. Applicable norm

Our Policy of Privacy has been designed in agreement with the General Regulation of Protection of Data of the EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, of 27 of April of 2016, regarding the protection of the natural people with regard to the personal data processing and to the free circulation of these data and by which Directive 95/46/CE is revoked (general Regulation of protection of data), and in which does not contradict the mentioned Regulation, by had the legislative Spanish in the matter of Protection Personal Character data within the framework.

When facilitating to us its data, Usted you declare to have read and to know the present Policy Privacy, being rendered its unequivocal and express consent to the treatment of its personal data according to the purposes and terms expressed here.

The Person in charge will be able to modify the present Policy of Privacy to adapt it to the legislative, legal new features or of interpretation of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data. These conditions of privacy could be complemented by the Legal, Political Warning of Cookies and the General Conditions that, where appropriate, take shelter for certain products or services, if this access supposes some specialty in the matter of protection of personal character data.

1.2. Delegate of Protection of Data

A Delegate of Protection of Data does not exist since they do not fulfill themselves the minimum requirements to this end.

2. Purpose of the treatment of the personal data

The treatment that we realised of its personal data responds to the following purposes:

€“ To provide information to him related to products and services that the person in charge offers and that are detailed in this Web.

€“ To realise the hiring of our services by means of the acceptance of the corresponding budget/requested and/or the signature of a mercantile contract.

€“ To send electronic and/or by email postal the news and new features to him about our organization, as well as the updates of our product catalogue and services.

2.1. Term of Conservation of its data

We will conserve its personal data since it gives its consent us until it revokes it or it asks for the limitation of the treatment. In such cases, we will maintain its data of way blocked during the legally demanded terms.

3. Successfully obtained legitimation and data

The legitimation for the treatment of its data is the express consent granted by means of a positive and affirmative act (to fill in the corresponding form and to mark the square of acceptance of this policy) when to facilitate its personal data to us.

3.1. Consent to treat its data

When filling up the forms, marking to the Acceptable square €œthe Policy of Privacy€ and to click to send the data, or when sending e-mails to the person in charge through the accounts qualified to the effect, the User specifically declare to have read and to have accepted the present policy of privacy, and grant their unequivocal and express consent to the treatment of their personal data according to the indicated purposes.

3.2. Categories of data

The data that are successfully obtained talk about to the category of identifying data, as they can be: Full name, Telephone, Mailing dress, Company, E-mail, as well as direction IP from where it accedes to the form of collection of data.

4. Safety measures

Within our commitment to guarantee the security and confidentiality of its personal character data, we informed to him that the organizational measures of technical nature have been adopted and necessary to guarantee the security of the personal character data and to avoid their alteration, loss, treatment or nonauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to that they are exposed, according to Art. 32 of RGPD the EU 679/2016.

5. Cession of data

One does not anticipate cessions of data nor international transferences of his data, with the exception of the authorized one by the fiscal, mercantile legislation and of telecommunications as well as in those cases in which a judicial authority requires it to us.

6. Rights of the user

Any interested must right to obtain confirmation on if we are treating personal data that concern to him, or no. The interested people must right to accede to their personal data, as well as to ask for the rectification of the inexact data or, where appropriate, to ask for their suppression when, among others reasons, the data no longer are necessary for the aims that were picked up. In certain circumstances, the interested ones will be able to ask for the limitation of the treatment of their data, in which case we will only conserve them for the exercise or the defense of claims. By reasons related to their particular situation, the interested ones will be able to be against to the treatment of their data.
The Person in charge of the file will stop treating the data, safe by urgent legitimate reasons, or the exercise or the defense of possible claims.

In agreement with the effective legislation he has the following right: right to ask for the access to its personal data, right to ask for its rectification or suppression, right to ask for the limitation of its treatment, right to be against to the treatment, right to the portability of the data and also, to revoke the granted consent.

6.1. How to exercise my rights?

In order to exert its rights, the corresponding form for the exercise of the chosen right must go to the person in charge, soliciing. Optionally, it can go to the Authority of competent Control to obtain additional data about his rights. The data of contact for the exercise of their rights are 687645337 telephone and the e-mail: INFO@Incubateurpicardie.COM. It remembers to accompany a copy by a document that allows us to identify to him.

7. Consent for the shipment of electronic communications

Also, and in agreement with the established thing in Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and the Electronic Commerce, completing the form of collection of data and marking to the corresponding Acceptable square €œthe shipment of electronic communications€, is granting the express consent to send to him to its email address, telephone, fax or another electronic means in information shipment about the person in charge.

8. Services within the Web.

CHOS THAT WEB (Property of Gustavo Salinas Izquierdo) operates the https://www.incubateurpicardie.com website that in future will treat as the €œService€.

This page informs to him on our policies with respect to the compilation, the use and the spreading of personal data when it uses our Service and the elections that have associated with those data.

We use his data to provide and to improve the Service. When using the Service, you accept the compilation and the use of the information in agreement with this policy.

Unless the opposite in this Policy of Privacy defines itself, the terms used in this Policy of Privacy have the same meaning that in our Terms and Conditions, accessible from https://www.incubateurpicardie.com/terminos-de-uso/



The service is the http://www.incubateurpicardie.com website operated by Left Gustavo Salinas NIF: 48303414X.

Personal data:

The personal data are data on an alive individual that can be identified from those data (or of those and another information that we have in our possession or that probably arrive).

Data of use:

The use data are data collected automatically, or generated by the use of the Service or from the own infrastructure of the Service (for example, the duration of a visit to the page).


The cookies are small data stored in their device (computer or movable device).

Controller of data: Controller of data means the natural person or legal who (or only or altogether common with other people) determines the intentions and the way in which it is processed or will process any personal information.

For the purposes of this Policy of privacy, we are a Controller of data of its personal Data.

Data processors (or suppliers of services):

Supplier or data processor (of services) means any legal natural person or who processes the data in the name of the Controller of data.

We can use the services of several suppliers of services to process his data of more effective way.

Subject of data (or user):

The subject of data is any alive person who is using our service and is subject of personal data.

Compilation and use of information

We compile several types different from information diverse aims to provide to him and to improve our Service.

Compiled data types.

Personal information:

  • When using our Service, we can solicit from him that it offers certain information us of personal identification that can be used to contact to us or to identify to you (€œpersonal Data€). The information of personal identification can include, but a is not limited:
  • Email address
  • Full name
  • Phone number

Cookies and data of use

We can use his personal data in touch to put with you with news bulletins, material promotional or of trade and another information to us that can be of their interest. It can choose not to receive no or all these communications of our part following the connection of cancellation of subscription or the instructions provided in any e-mail that we send to him.

Data of use:

Also we can compile information exceeds how it is acceded and it used the Service (€œData of use€). These data of use can include information as the direction of the IP of their computer (for example, direction IP), type of navigator, version of the navigator, the pages of our Service that visits, the hour and date of their visit, the time spent to those pages, identifiers of device and other data of diagnosis.

Data of pursuit and cookies: We use cookies and similar technologies of pursuit to track the activity in our Service and to maintain certain information.

The cookies are archives with little amount of data that can include an anonymous unique identifier. The cookies are sent to their navigator from a website and they are stored in his device. The pursuit technologies are also used beacons, labels and scripts to compile and to track information and to improve and to analyze our Service.

It can indicate his navigator who rejects all the cookies or that he indicates when a cookie is sent. Nevertheless, if it does not accept the cookies, it is possible that it cannot use some parts of our Service.

  • Examples of cookies that we used:
  • Cookies of session. We use cookies of session to operate our service.
  • Cookies of preference. We use cookies of preference to remember his preferences and several configurations.

Cookies of security. We use cookies of security for reasons of security.

Use of Data

  • CHOS THAT WEB uses the data collected for diverse aims:
  • In order to provide and to maintain our Service
  • In order to notify to him on changes to our Service
  • In order to allow to participate him in interactive functions of our Service when it chooses to do it
  • In order to provide support to the client
  • To compile analysis or valuable information so that we can improve our Service
  • In order to monitor the use of our Service
  • In order to detect, to prevent and to approach technical problems

In order to provide the special news, supplies and general information to him on other goods, services and events that we offer that they are similar to which or it has bought or on that has asked unless it has chosen not to receive this information

Spreading of legal Requisite data

  • CHOS THAT WEB can disclose its personal data with the belief of good faith that this action is necessary stops:
  • In order to fulfill a legal obligation
  • In order to protect and to defend the rights or property of CHOS THAT WEB
  • In order to prevent or to investigate possible errors in relation to the Service
  • In order to protect the personal security of the users of the Service or the public

In order to protect against the legal responsibility

Security of the data

The security of its data is important for us, but it remembers that no transmission method through Internet or method of electronic storage is 100% insurance. Although we strived to use commercially acceptable means to protect its personal Data, we cannot guarantee his absolute security.

Suppliers on watch

We can use companies and individuals third parties to facilitate our Service (€œSuppliers of services€), to provide the Service in our name, to realise services related to the Service or to help us to analyze how our Service is used.

These third parties have access to their personal Data to only carry out these tasks in our name and are forced not to disclose them nor to use them for no other aim.


  • We can use suppliers of external services to supervise and to analyze the use of our service.

Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a service of analysis Web offered by Google that tracks and informs the traffic into the website. Google uses the collected data to track and to monitor the use of our Service. This information shares with other services of Google. Google can use the collected data to contextualise and to personalize the announcements of its own advertising network.

It can choose not to allow that its activity in the Service is available for Google Analytics by means of the installation of the complement of the navigator opt-out of Google Analytics. The complement prevents that the Javascript of Google Analytics (ga.js, analytics.js and dc.js) shares information with Google Analytics on the activity of the visits.

In order to obtain more data on the practices of privacy of Google, it visits the webpage of privacy and terms of Google: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=es

Remarketing of behavior

  • CHOS THAT WEB uses the services of remarketing to announce in websites of third parties after visiting our Service. We and our external suppliers used cookies to inform, to optimize and to serve announcements based on their visits previous to our Service.

AdWords de Google

The service of remarketing of Google AdWords is provided by Google Inc. It can choose to exclude itself from Google Analytics Display Advertising and to personalize the announcements of the Network of Display de Google being visited the page of configuration of announcements of Google:

http://www.google.com/settings/ads Google also recommends to install the complement of exclusion of Google Analytics navigator €“ https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

€“ for its navigating Web. The complement of the navigator of exclusion of Google Analytics offers to the visitors the possibility of avoiding that their data are collected and used by Google Analytics. In order to obtain more data on the practices of privacy of Google, it visits the webpage of privacy and terms of Google:


Connections to other sites

Our Service can contain connections to other sites that we are not operated by us. If it clicks in a connection of a third party, will go it to the site of that third party. We recommended to him warmly that it reviews the Policy of privacy of each site that visits.

We do not have control nor we assumed any responsibility by the content, the policies of privacy or the practices of sites or services of third parties.


  • If it has some question on this Policy of privacy, contact to us:


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