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If you are looking for Development Web for the development of blogs. It is probable that you are looking for a support as far as the production of content in .

Unfortunately companies do not exist today that directly dedicate to the content production blog which they give to services of development Web.

This is because the development companies Web in use services that externalizan the majority of the services for the development of webpages.

In the industry of digital marketing they exist multitude of services that dedicate to the production of singular pieces in the process of the development and expansion of a page we.

Companies that are dedicated only and exclusively to the creation of Google content exist for example friendly.

They have competitive prices and their articles of 1400 words can oscillate between the 50 and 80 Euros.

It is important to consult well in this sense since they also exist in the market infinity of fraudulent services that are dedicated to spinnear articles. That is to say, to compiar articles already created and to modify its content simply changing the synonymous ones so that the robots of google cannot detect that the content is original.

In very few cases this content usually is of quality or needs a deep revision to create an article that seems human. And create to me if he is not human the robotitos of Google will suspect something. If not today, tomorrow surely with some change of algorithm.

For this reason, if we are implementing a positioning strategy Web in our webpage by means of the creation of content in a corporative blog. It is important to verify each one of the emitted articles and to pass them through a software online that measures the plagiarismo level that contains. Measuring therefore the service that is offering to us.

In anyone of the cases when you create content you will receive visits. But Google pillages to you copying in class you have it crude but crude crude.

For that reason before contracting to a service of development Web by means of the creation of post or entrances in your website first advise an expert in design Web and digital marketing to you.

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