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Differences between the applications Web and the movable applications. Pros and cons

Design Web responsive and adaptive
With the Internet arrival, a new form arrives to understand the businesses and by all means of counting on new formulas of market. In this sense, every time they are plus the companies that count on a webpage and it already is quite rare to find some that does not have presence in Internet anyway. To have presence in Internet, does not mean to be forced to have a webpage through which to sell things, which we would understand as a store online, if not that directly can be a portal to offer a certain information for the user, as a publicity or also to offer a service determined as a complement.

Design Web responsive and adaptive

Taking advantage of the possibilities that to us Internet offers, in addition to having a webpage, every time they are plus the companies that count on an own application and in this sense, is where a great dilemma exists, if to have an application Web, to have a movable application or directly to have the two. In this case, we are going to try to see the differences that exist mainly between some, know the derived advantages and disadvantages to use them, from the enterprise point of view, also knowing as they can affect the consumer and try to offer some final considerations about the same. We begin.

Applications Web

When we talked about to an application Web, we are speaking of a certain type of application that is ascent to Internet and that to accede to the same we must it do through a direction. These applications Web are something more rudimentary in comparison with the movable applications but nevertheless, they have some advantages that make them be to quite interesting day of today.

An application Web so that it works or, must count on a design responsive Web, also known as design sensible Web or with a design adaptable Web, or through its terms in English, design Web responsive or design Web adaptive. This type of design, is a type of design Web adapted to all the devices. Basically, which comes to mean is that when being our application Web raised Internet, can be acceded to the same through any type of device. This means that it does not concern if we are sailing through a laptop, one tablet or a mobile phone, the design of the page must be able to adapt so that navigation is correct and fluid. In this sense, we are speaking of how the page one adapts different types of screen, following the size from the same with the aim of that the page continues being friendly at the time of sailing and does not become a complete disaster.

Design adaptive Web
The adaptable design responsive or in the Applications Web

Design adaptive Web

Evidently, to use this type of design Web responsive is an option, but it is quite recommendable since of not using it, it is quite probable that the page loses a great amount of visits, mainly because nowadays every time are plus the users who accede to Internet through their movable devices. One of the advantages that using has this type of sensible designs is that we will only need a design for our Web, reason why we will not have to walk thinking about different designs following the screen from the device that visits our page. Thanks to this design, we will make sure that all the devices can sail to taste, having obtained a satisfactory experience of use considering this design Web for mobiles.

The design Web responsive is more recommendable than the design adaptive Web since in first, we will not have to pre-establish any size beforehand and everything will adapt far better. Nevertheless, the budget reasons can influence at the time of using a design or another one of course but, yes that we must consider that stops to improve the movable navigation of the users, it is necessary a design or another one.

Really, which we are making with these applications Web is to arrange in our own servant of an application so that the users accede. Nevertheless, won't these users be able to accede to the same if they do not have a connection to Internet? this he is one of the majors objections that we will see more in front of these applications Web. With the proliferation of the use of the mobile phone, also the unloadings of movable applications have gone off, that are what we are going to see now.

Movable applications

Movable applications

On the other side, we were with the movable applications. These applications are of most successful nowadays since every time they are plus the people who count on a Smartphone and in addition, own connection to Internet.

The movable applications must install in the devices of the users but they count on the main advantage of which always they can accede to the same, even if they do not count by all means on connection to Internet, whenever the application does not depend on it. These movable applications, by general norm are ascents in the store of applications of the own telephone and the proprietor of the same can allow his gratuitous unloading or receive by the own application.

Once within the same, can the options of an application be the same that those of an application Web, that is to say, we will be able to consult a catalogue, to buy in the store? really, all type of functions that have been wanted to include in the same, with the reservation of which these movable applications really are optimized for the devices that use it since evidently, really they are designed for it. Now that we know a little better what they are these movable applications, we are going to explain the main differences that exist between these movable applications and the applications Web.

Main differences between the applications Web and the movable applications

We will begin with the access to the own application. In order to accede to an application Web, he is indispensable to have a connection to Internet. This application Web is ascent in the network in the servant of the company, or in the one of the company that it has contracted to this end and to be able to accede to the same he is inevitable to have to do it through Internet. Of not having connection, the access is completely impossible.

On the other hand, a movable application can be developed so that it is possible to be acceded at any moment to her, without having the necessity to be connected to Internet. In order to be able to accede to a movable application, previously we must it have installed in our movable terminal and therefore, we are those that we are giving support and lodging the same in our terminal. In this way, we will be able to accede to her whenever we want independent of the fact that we have connection or no. Another aspect would be that if evidently to carry out some option within the own application is necessary Internet, we will require of the same to be able to work with her to its maximum splendor. The best example would be the process of purchase through the application, if we do not have form to communicate to us with the store, will be impossible to take to end the process.

Another aspect that is quite important at the time of comparing these two types of applications, is the development of the same. In this case, an application Web counts on majors advantages since it counts on a unique development, through what will be able to be connected all the platforms. We can develop to our application Web through a programming language Web as for example Javascript and once we have developed the application, this will be accessible to any type of user independent of where it is connected.

On the other hand, the movable applications are rather more restrictive and is than the development of the same differs enough according to the device where they are going away to use. In this case, different programming languages in the movable devices exist and therefore, he is not equal to develop for an Android system that stops a system iOS. This finishes offering work much more and by all means to have to develop several different applications so that they can work in different devices. In order to still roll plus the subject, within these operating systems of the applications, we were with different manufacturers that in addition to applying programming layers to its systems, they offer different versions from the same reason why these applications, must be perfectly thought to work in a movable device, independent of the brand that treats.

The last aspect that would be called on to us to compare, would be the cost. In economic terms, an application for movable account with an elevated cost rather more at the time of being developed. The reason is quite simple. It is enough with thinking that when we have developed to an application Web, we can modify it at any time, add any improvement or implement any type of failure, reason why whenever the users to our own application connect themselves Web, we will be showing to them what we want that they see at every moment.

On the other hand, when we spoke of the movable applications, we must remember the previous point where we must develop a different application for each device and in addition, to consider each one of the models where we want that our application can be installed and to day of today, exist many. On the other hand, the one is the own user that has the installed application and it has it installed in a device that is not only thought for our application, if not that it must live with a great amount of functions that also we must consider so that problems do not exist that make the incompatible use, because it fails by which another function. In addition to this, we cannot update the application to the user right away, reason why once we have updated the application, the user must it unload to be able again to update it and thus to count on the improved experience of use. Finally, neither that to say it has when we updated a movable application, happens to us just as before, that is not the same to do it for Android that stops iOS, reason why the cost of development in this aspect returns to be the double.

Cheap Web leaves expensive hosting
Pros of the applications Web in relation to Digital Marketing

Pros and cons with the movable applications

The application Web is much more easy to develop that an application for mobile. This is because the programming languages that use, enough are known by the programmers reason why in addition to having a greater amount of professionals than they take to end this work, will more cheap turn out to contract them, ideal if we are home in our business.

In addition to this, we have the advantage from which with an application, we will arrive at all type of devices. It will not matter if you are sailing from a computer or a mobile phone of the brand that is, our application is universal for everybody and is enough simply with connecting itself to the page to be able to enjoy her.

Another one of the advantages on which they tell to these applications Web, is that they do not have the necessity to be installed in any device. If you do not have memory in a mobile phone or you do not want to walk rolled unloading things and installed, you will always be able to accede to an application Web through his direction

Finally, you are the only person in charge of the own application Web. This means that you will not depend on third parties as in the case of the movable applications that they must unload of a store of the own telephone, reason why you will save a good amount of money since you must not have the application stored in any side.

The Contras of the applications Web in relation to Digital Marketing

The use of responsive is almost obligatory. It is that you can arrive at all the devices through your application, but ten a clear thing very well, if one does not visualize of the correct form, is quite probable that the use experience is negative and that is the worse thing than can happen to him to any application. Mainly for this reason, the use of responsive is so necessary.

On the other hand, it is not depending very well on no store of movable terminals, but also you will be following other aspects, as for example the servant where you have it stored. By the reason that is, if the servant goes slow, the application Web will take more in loading and will be also a negative experience of use. In addition to this, to depend on a store is not absolutely bad, since in many aspects this generates visibility, perhaps reason why an application Web is something more difficult to know.

Finally, perhaps the most determining aspect and through what the previous point is understood better, the connection to Internet are necessary. If the user does not have connection to Internet, he will never be able to accede to the same unlike which it happens with an application for mobile.

Pros of the movable applications in relation to Digital Marketing

The experience of user in a movable application, is pleasant almost always. When not having the necessity to have responsive since we have seen with the applications for Web, an application to mobile always is developed thinking about the telephone or tablet where it is going away to include. Of this form, the design always considers the size of the screen or the location of the bellboys, to cause that navigation is easy and intuitive, improving by much, the experience of use.

Since we have seen before, a movable application depends on a store of a movable device. Of this form, these stores obtain that the applications reach a greater amount of users. This is possible basically because the stores group the applications as far as the type of refers, reason why we have a clothes store and our application is grouped in the inscription fashion of the store, any person who visits this section will be able to have certainty of our application unlike which Web happens to an application in which if you do not know the direction of the same, hardly you can accede to her.

Finally, one of the most interesting factors with those than counts is to be able to accede to the same connectionless to Internet. Many of these movable applications do not need it and to offer a catalogue, photos, information or any other aspect for which it is not needed to be connected to the network, it is an advantage that we can accede to the same since it is installed in our device and we will not have the necessity to connect us to any remote servant to be able to visit the same.

The disadvantages of the movable applications
Disadvantages of the movable applications in relation to Digital Marketing

The disadvantages of the movable applications

One of the main disadvantages that they have the movable applications is the development cost that they have. Since we have seen, in its design we must consider different operating systems to develop them. This implies, that we must develop a same application from zero several times, stops according to the programming language with which we are working.

On the other hand, to enter a store of unloadings of applications is not simple. In order to filter the continuous flow of movable applications that exist and to be able to offer a better service of quality, it is necessary to have rather a well polished application facing being able to accede to this store. This is a stumbling block for which they are home in his company since the applications at first usually are less mature. On the other hand, it is evident that to have an application better developed, it will have a higher cost since will take more working hours.

In order to finish, to the constant update of the movable devices and the great amount of functions on which they tell, it makes that we must work in our application with more frequency. In this sense, not will be enough with to develop application and to desentender of her, since we will have to give it a support facing the different updates that have the terminals, to support its correct operation and that not of errors with the different changes from system that can have.

To prevail in Internet with the adapted Webs
Final considerations, what application I must choose?

To prevail in Internet with the adapted Webs

If after to have read all this, still you do not know clearly that type of application you need for your company, the answer that we have for you is not absolutely simple. This is basically because it depends on many factors. If you are initiating the activity, it is quite probable that an application Web is something more accessible because it is economic and much more easy to develop.

Nevertheless, following the nature of the company, which you try to obtain with your application or as you want it to orient, perhaps is to you more interesting having a type of application or another one. In essence, from we could here recommend to you that most important it would be to have the two options, as long as you can allow you economically, but this form, you would make sure to arrive at all type of users and in addition you could complement the one with the other.

Considering this, an application indicated neither for each type of business nor for each type of user exists. In the first place what you must know clearly, they are the objectives of the company and for trying to conclude as you are going to arrive until them. If you think that in your strategy of digital marketing it is completely necessary having a type of application in particular, ahead, turn over to you in this way, but to begin, at no moment you are forced to have one of these, is something that could be arriving with time.

Really, before having some type resource to this section, raise to you that it is what you try to obtain with the same and in that can improve your business. It analyzes the pros and the cons and tries to extrapolate them to your company, only this way, you will know that type of application is indicated for your business.

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