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This year I have taken it to me very in serious. And you will be asking yourself what? I suppose€¦

The certain thing is that I have always had my doubts about that was more effective for a company. If to make an announcement as the cocaine tail or to make a strategy of digital marketing proper.

Searching carefully in the delivery notes of my studies I have run into with this €œdigital assets€. This brilliant and shining jewel that has made raise the head me and give the security me that it had cornered in my inner boy. I have decided to baptize it in this way because I have managed to put name and face to him to which I dedicate myself. And today, first day of the year, I have felt the urgent necessity to share it with you. Because it is to which I dedicate myself and I want to dedicate the rest to me of my life. I am growth hacker, neither to marketer, nor blackhatero, nor to networker, nor publicist, nor salesman, nor nothing of this€¦. I am developer of digital assets and consultant of digital marketing B2P (Business to people).

Good, immediately, I let with this joyita to you to begin the year with good foot. He is really impressive that something of pierces so much in our days YESTERDAY TODAY.

That the force accompanies to you. Amen

Videos of motivation for the 2020

Please it shares this video only with which you consider that they have the knowledge necessary to value it. The video is pure dynamite.

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