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Local SEO: an essential resource for the SMEs

Seo Local Gu­a
If you have a SME, you would have of knowledge that nowadays to have presence through Internet is practically an obligation. In fact, it is not necessary to sell nothing through Internet nor to enjoy a store online to have this presence, will be enough with having a good page where the users can know us, they can have brings back to consciousness of the business and thus of knowing a little better what we offer, where we are or any form to contact with us.

Seo Local Gu­a

Of this form, if we are going to have this presence in Internet, which we try is to arrive at whatever more users, better, reason why in this sense we will look for that our page has a good positioning. The positioning SEO in Internet, is basically the relevance that has our page in the network. This is important for when somebody it looks for in a finder, a term related to our business, that our page appears to him as rapidly as possible.

Leaving before in a search that our competition, has many advantages. One of those advantages and perhaps most important, is than we will obtain a greater amount of visits in comparison with our clients and derived from those visits, without a doubt that we will have a greater number of sales.

Local SEO in
Knowing the local SEO

Local SEO in

Considering the importance that has the SEO, he is something that any company that wants to prevail would have to improve in its company. Nevertheless beyond this SEO, is the local SEO. The local SEO generally keeps the great similarity with respect to the SEO, but the main difference that can be found, as you will have imagined by his terminology, is that what is tried it is to improve the impact of the searches but at local level, considering the geographic area of the person who takes to end the search.

If sometimes you have asked yourself because often Google insists on knowing your location, now already you know that one of the most important factors of that location is to work with the local SEO. Of this form, which is tried is that the searches have a greater relevance and importance for which does. Is this translated in which if I for example, live in Madrid and look for in Google the term? cheap electricians? Google must know that for me, the important thing is to have an electrician in Madrid since for anything it will serve an electrician to me who works in Cadiz, due to far that is.

The local SEO is completely compatible with the SEO generally, that is to say, that we can take to end all type of techniques to improve our local SEO and to follow with all the implementation of measures so that our webpage has a greater relevance in all Internet. Of this form, we are before two terms that are not excluding and that in addition to this, benefit the one from the other.

Local positioning
Enterprise point of view from the local SEO

Local positioning

If the utility of this local SEO for a user anyone, is the one to find in its locality professional special, under some determined criteria search, for a SME is the power to have relevance within its local scope.

Of this form, if our SME for example dedicates to the reforms of the home and loans service in masonry, electricity or plumbing, it will interest to us to have a good local SEO so that when a user wants search a certain type on watch that we can offer to him, our page leaves as rapidly as possible. Of this form and considering these two SEOS, we could affirm that the local SEO is very many more important, since although is very or that we have all the national relevance or international that we want, but really of little it is going to serve to us if it is not possible to be contracted our services.

However, it is important that all this changes following the type of business that we have. If for example we offer our services by Internet or we have a store online that it sells products by all the country, the local SEO already is rather less more important because it does not matter from where the purchases come, since we will send to any side.

Google maps
How to take advantage of well the local SEO?

Google maps

With the arrival of Internet, the rules of marketing they have changed. Some ago years, to be able to present to us in a small local SME, we had to invest much in publicity and basically, the relation that we maintained with our clients was a direct relation where the company bombed with publicity its clients and these simply were mere receivers.

With the arrival of Internet, all this it has changed and he is the user now the one that looks for all class of information and alternatives through the network. In this sense, no longer we are those that we only go to by him if not that he also will approach in the search of the information. For this reason, we must consider two fundamental aspects. First, he would be to take advantage of the SEO well so that a client can give with our company without absolutely don't mention it knowing us and the second, to offer all the necessary information that the client is looking for. For this, we must anticipate us a little to its questions and try to remove answer to criteria because services we offer, as we took it to end, our schedule or method of contact as well as the different prices from which we arrange.

The advantages of the local SEO

When we have a small business that simply operates at local level, the local SEO becomes the most important aspect. In fact, a great part of the success that we have, without a doubt will be due to the good local SEO that we can have. This factor is even more excellent if we do not have the physical premises and simply we carried out the service through the network.

In order to understand better the importance of the local SEO, it is necessary to talk about once again to as it works the Google searches. When we are taking to end a general search, as previously mentioned of? cheap electricians? the finder will give a greater priority to all the local searches, since on it is understood that the person who is looking for a professional, is looking for it in the zone where she is taking to end the search.

Nowadays, practically everybody has a Smartphone with access to Internet and the movable traffic, every time more is elevated. This means that often, a person is of passage in a locality and previously carries out a search through its telephone, following the same mentioned criteria. In this sense, it is easy to find searches as? Italian pizzeriums? or? tearooms. Before these two searches, the local SEO returns to have importance again since the own finder will give back to the searches considering the location of the person.

The advantages that we can obtain from a good positioning as far as the local SEO talk about, is translated in which that person that is looking for pizzeriums through Internet, finishes in our restaurant instead of in those of the competition. Therefore, one is one of the forms more effective than we can take to end to catch clients and whose success, is ensured.

As applying local SEO

Now that we have seen that it is so important in our SME, surely you want to learn all the necessary one to be able to apply all this local SEO effectively. To improve our local SEO is not complicated, if we know as also doing it and if we know ourselves same. For it, in the first place we would have to complete a card species for our business where we must know clearly aspects as having defined our activity, the geographic zone where we are going to operate and the objective public to whom we are going away to direct. Considering these aspects, the power will much more turn out to us simple to define our key words.

Another aspect to consider at the time of wanting to obtain a good local SEO, is to discharge from the hospital our business in Google My Bussines. Thanks to Google My Bussines, we will have presence in Google Maps, aspect that is especially important when we are speaking of a person whom the search of a determined business through Internet carries out, no longer only so that to him it will appear in the map, but also by the possibility that it guides to him directly towards the same of a fast and direct form. In addition, to have a card in Google Bussiness, will allow us to answer all those questions that since we have shelp previously would become the user. Aspects as knowing the schedule the business, a telephone of contact or the direction of the same, as well as different photographies that we can realise on our business or any other type from information that we consider excellent.

To work keywords

Keywords is the key words that appear of more habitual form in the searches of the interested ones. Shelp of another form, if a person is looking for electricians in Madrid, will keywords more excellent be? electricians? and? Madrid. It is for this reason, that one becomes necessary to include certain key words in the description of our business as well as in different sections from his webpage, so that the finder can relate it and so it is looking for a user and thus to be able to offer more interesting results to him.

Nevertheless, we must differentiate several types from keywords, head, middle tail and long tail. To know about these keywords will facilitate the task to us of positioning our business. Is keyword head, the words that include ampler searches at the most, as for example it could be? Madrid? since it can appear obvious in different searches and, all is not related to the electricians. On the other hand, is middle tail, either keywords for specific searches the more, reason why in this aspect or if that we could include? electricians in Madrid? or? cheap electricians in Madrid. Finally, is long tail most specific and has less competition since it is difficult to apply them to several results, for example? cheap electricians in Madrid specialized in public lighting system.

If we want to work the local SEO, we must concentrate in the use of keywords middle and long since these, will be related of direct form to our services and will have the local component. He is by this, that the specialization of our business is a quite important aspect, since it will allow to unmark us to us of the competition and to offer a series of services that do to us really only, emphasizing on the others.

Help to work our local SEO

Although all these aspects in principle seem very clear, sometimes the power turns out something complicated to some users to position its business, mainly if they do not have the appropriate knowledge.

If you have problems, one of the solutions happens to contract the services of a marketing agency. By means of the hiring of these agencies, you will be able to improve your positioning in Internet and also to enjoy a webpage around your business. If you do not wish to contract the services of an agency or think that you can valerte by same you, Google also facilitates a series of tools by means of which it is possible to be known as certain searches are the most important keywords in relation to some. In addition to this, also there are gratuitous platforms completely that are wonderful to begin at the time of generating content which we can use to begin our business.

Be that as it may, to consider all these factors, can mark to the difference between the success and the failure of our business. We live in a world where the Internet presence is made notice in all the actions of our day to day, reason why for this reason, it is necessary to pay a special attention to all this local positioning if we want to improve of considerable form our impact in the city where we operated.

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