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Tools Social Networks, marketing€¦ Every day they leave hundreds marketing tools to manage social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Nevertheless, the production and advance of the same, cause that marketing social networks becomes somewhat complex.

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Tools social networks
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Tools social networks

If what est _ ace looking for is specific information about tools social networks follows this guide step by step to find out to you everything.

In the middle of the article you will be able to see the tools to measure influence that at the moment are working better in social networks 2018.

The social networks as marketing tool
Tools Social Networks: What are the tools of social networks?

The social networks as marketing tool

The tools to manage networks are a group of applications of Internet that are based on the ideological and technological foundations of the Web 2,0, that to the creation and the interchange of content generated by the user allow.

This content generates a conversation to virtual weather and between the users who form it.

It is a communication form that does not depend on the verbal, temporary physical plane, or the premises.

It is created in this way, a new paradigm of the human communication.

social average marketing
The social networks as communication tools

social average marketing

The saturation of information produced by the own salesmen of applications to administer social networks creates problems in the user and this it does not know which will be its next investment of digital marketing.

A tool of social average marketing is mass media for the social edition interaction, using technical very accessible and escalables.

It is not a tool that magically is going to cause that your brand becomes excellent overnight in Internet.

The tools of management of social networks use technologies based on Internet to turn the communication into interactive dialogues.

But this dialogue does not exist. If a person does not exist who causes it. The tool is not used for anything.

But we wished fidelizar to our clients we will need a strategy contents to have to our €œhooked€ clients of some form to our brand in the social networks.

The last studies aim at that the best form to maintain our €œhooked€ clients is by means of the continued production of a strategy of contents in the social networks.

The companies therefore prefer that the tools of positioning name brand in the social networks that are managed by community manager. The best option is than a professional of the communication is the person who generates that dialogue with the potential clients.

social average
The social networks as marketing tools

social average

The tools of your social networks also allow the payment of publicity campaigns that can be useful for campaigns of publicity of short term.

If you have a business or you have been in some section of the marketing department you will know that one of the keys to close sales with a client is the construction of a solid confidence between the salesman and the buyer.

If your brand not yet has endorsement sufficient to grant this confidence, the means most common to reunite this confidence are by means of a constant flow of communication.

It thinks a little. In order to make a friend, What you need? If, that is: Communication.

The communication in Internet allows a greater reach but the management of the social networks can be an exhausting task given the infinity of channels that get ready: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, WhatsApp, Tuenti,€¦

How we can create all this contained and at the same time to manage it for multiple platforms and networks?

Tools that harness the social networks

Thanks to the technological advances and the incorporation of the figure of the Community Manager for this work of communication the influence in the social networks has happened to be an excellent figure within any company.

A company can have multiple accounts in the different social networks. The management of the same can be unified from tools as buffer gratuitous version and other that allow the management of several social profiles.

Gratuitous tools online or of payment exist that help to handle to all the channels of marketing and communication creating a bidirectional conversation with the client. In this way the confidence between the client and the company necessary can be becoming to increase sales.

For that reason every time the services of digital marketing are more frequent that offer solutions of productivity for the social average manager.

The management of the multiple platforms of communication online, not only serves so that our message of marketing can be strained to but people. In addition it can be a channel of obtaining of information of return or feedback that can help us in the improvement of our product or after-sales service.

For this reason, a Community can program by means of automatization tools all the flow of content to as much maintain a conversation with the client as with your objective public.

At the same time it offers the possibility to you of obtaining the favorable and unfavorable opinions of your brand to know if to your marketing this well being oriented.

Here we left a list to know you as they are the tools of social networks that are being used more at present.

Better tools to administer the social networks

There am a done list here by far affection that works with the management of the main social networks. To count more on the suitable tools of marketing could suppose a great advantage for the expansion of its brand.

  1.  Many of these will allow to locate hastags in twitter or Google extra so that it can find the conversations that are having their potential clients at this same moment.
  2. Buzzsumo
  3. Sniply
  4. SproutSocial
  5. Hootsuite
  6. Rignite
  7. Blogsterapp
  8. Ready4Social
  9. Trendsmap
  10. Tweetreach
  11. Hashtagify
  12. Followermonk
  13. Keyhole
  14. Brandwatch
  15. Edge Rank Checker
  16. Trendalia


What tools offer the social networks?

As a generic explanation you can tell with that each social network will have a specific communication channel to the publicity. Facebook has Facebookads, Google has Google adwords, LinkedIn has LinkedIn for companies, etc€¦

The model of business of all social networks is the same. They offer the use of its platform in exchange for the permission of the user to see the publicity of its advertisers.

Therefore, the conditions will be set out to the changes in the agreements that exist in the different countries at the mercy of legal agreements about the protection from data.

What tools provide the social networks to us?

Normally you will be able to accede without problems to a data base segmented ta them as in demographic data. In this data base you will be able to decide that will be exactly the receivers of the publicity which you are going to announce.

  1. Here I leave a list you of the most popular networks. In this way you will be able to accede easily to them and thus you will find the ideal tool for you.
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Google Adwords
  4. Google My Bussines

Twitter for companies

The myths are many that have settled down on the effectiveness of the campaigns of marketing in social means.

The fact that everybody this using the social networks does not mean that everybody uses this means to buy, at least of direct form, a product.

What if can make the networks is to popularize a certain brand.

For example if we have a bar or restaurant it is very easy to obtain participation of the networks if we realised some drawing or contest that invites the users to participate. In this way, the brand propagates and help to create a closer relation with the clients.

It is evident that those products or services that have the capacity to sociabilizar themselves with greater facility, will have majors opportunities of success in the social networks. A domestic product as for example a simple clamp, will be of a greater complexity to promote it through the social networks because it is a product of common and domestic use. Nevertheless a restaurant or bar is places where already a social congregation within the business model exists and therefore will be a little easier to create a strategy of marketing within the social networks.

The new products or services also have possibilities of propagating their brand in the social networks because they can be stimulated by the own curiosity of the users. If it is a novel product and interesting the networks can serve to present this new product a cost far below in comparison with traditional means as the radio, it presses or television.

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