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Deceit of design agencies Web with respect to the positioning Web
Agency of publicity in CHOS THAT WEB: €œIt is pillaged before to a lying one that to a cripple€

The deceit of the design agencies Web with respect to the positioning Web.

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Work party of design Web
The agency of perfect design Web: Keys to find the agency of publicity in of more success.

Work party of design Web

Well, finally you have decided to take the final step and to send your business to the digital world. Once you have made the decision to contract an agency of publicity in touches knowledge who will be the ideal people to realise the project. In order to avoid unnecessary frustrations it tries that he is not the neighbor who does it. That by far persistence and love will do it, but that without a team of professionals who endorse to him will not manage to realise a serious project.

In order to know if the person that you have ahead goes in serious or no. we have made for you a list of questions that will help you to value of a more precise form, the quality of the work that you are going to contract.

budget Web
1. Can a agency publicity give an appraisal of the project?

budget Web

The first thing that you must ask at the time of contracting to a service of design and development Web is if they can give an estimation of the cost of the services. Also they must offer the removal to you of the works to realise: Creation of the content, design Web, corporative identity, graphical design, to raise the social contents the Web, networks, publicity Web and marketing online, positioning Web SEO on page, SEO in off page, etc. In order to be able to say if it wishes to contract it services of third parts for the different areas from the project.

2. When the design agency finishes to my project Web?

The second important thing that you must forget is to ask to the date of complete conclusion of the work of the design Web. The thing can be interminable if contracts a service with a great reputation but that has one long list of works in tail before yours.

3. Can the agency of publicity in show a portfolio to you that serves as reference to be able to value the quality of the service?

After the two previous questions it is hour to urgar a little within the curriculum of the company. To once it shows his works you of example we can accede to the list of his old clients. To put itself in touch with them is the best form to accede to the information about the company. What better form than to ask people that already have proven their services before you? Animate to you! To people it enchants to tell his experience to him of purchase.

Web responsive
4. Can the design agency Web make a Web €œresponsive€ or €œadaptive€?

Web responsive

This it is an essential requirement in the 2015. If the Web that finally you create cannot turns in movable devices these correctly losing a 80% of the most active users of Internet. As you will know the use of the mobile is more and more frequent. Therefore to demand a €œWeb responsive€, that is to say adapted to all the movable sizes and devices is an obligation on the part of all professional who this minimumly informed about the last updates into the algorithm of Google.

5. Can the agency of publicity in also offer advising for the writing of texts SEO friendly?

Another one of the present aspects of the 2015 on the requirements for any professional Web is not only the adaptability to the movable devices. Also the experience of the user or UX is valued of a dramatic way (User experience). We explain this a little in detail more so that you understand it.

A Web can turns well on a small telephone. Nevertheless the button for a menu, the button to share or any other option that can be realised in the webpage must be accessible. That is to say, it sufficiently must be great to be able to tighten it easily. This increases the satisfaction of the user and therefore, if it likes the user, it you like to Google.

Code Web
6. What structure HTML will follow, based on tables or DIV tag?

Code Web

Perhaps this sounds to you to Chinese. Perhaps but this is a key question to be able to separate to the €œcommons person€ of the €œhigh nobility€ in the subject of the design Web. Why?

DIV tag allows to a greater quality in the structure of the page and a more comprehensible access of the source code. This will allow future modifications of a easy and comfortable way. Since divisions <DIV> allow to structure the information in individual blocks of content.

7. I will be able to modify the design once finished?

This is an interesting question since the majority of companies uses groups with designs of page very limited. This allows that the elaboration of the project takes place in a time record since half of the work this already done. Nevertheless at the time of realising modifications the thing can be complicated much. Therefore it asks or if it is a closed project or would be possible to be realised future modifications at the end of the work.

8. Do the modifications at the end of the project Web have the same price? Allow the two final revision or does agency of publicity in one?

Consequently of the previous section, a good question would be knowledge that type of modifications will be able to be realised after finalizing the project and to whatever they promote the costs.

9. They will need my approval to finalize the project?

The design Web has certain technical factors that they are not questionable. Nevertheless she is the client who more is put in his own model of business. Not to take into account the opinion from the client to make certain decisions in the elaboration from the project can be injurious for the end item of the design Web.

10. I will be able to value the final work in the official page of the service of development Web?

If you observe that the person that you have ahead begins to sweat. I would not trust much.

The opinions nowadays to mark the reputation of a company. If a company has too much urgency in selling and its webpage does not allow the access to place a commentary is not a company too much.

Email Marketing
11. They can form to autoresponder to capture emails in my webpage?

Email Marketing

Nowadays, the most effective tool of conversion of sales is the use of the call €œemail Marketing€

Lamentably the visits do not become sales of immediate form. Perhaps a user enters your page and continues looking for other similars to compare. If you do not have an extra contact with these visits and you are in its mailbox to remember that you follow there you will lose many clients.

12. They have the capacity to create an impressive call to the action within website?

All webpage has an only purpose. It can be that you are interested in receiving more calling of clients, who approach of physical form your business, to request a budget, etc.

The designer must of being able to create a main center of attention that animates to the user to conduct a certain battle within the page.

Optimization in finders
13. Will the webpage count on the optimization adapted for the web search engines?

Optimization in finders

You exist some basic guides who cause that the webpage appears in the web search engines. why?

If your page does not contain the necessary information for the web search engines, the usuary ones will only be able to accede to your webpage writing the complete URL in the finder. Lamentably this realises one infinit©ssima part of the users.

The normal thing is that they write the name of the company in Google. If your Web is not optimized for the web search engines nor if wants you will appear in Google.

Therefore sera necessary an optimization minimum SEO on page to appear in Google.

14. Seeking What and that versions are verified once finalizes the project Web?

The navigators more used nowadays in Internet are Firefox, Safari and Explorer.

It is important that once finished to the project the service Web one is in charge to correct the errors that could be originated of the visualization in the main navigators of Internet.

15. Be my designed Web following will the landlords established by the common guides of accessibility or another W3C standards?

W3C is a non-profit organization who is in charge to update the information about the standards of codification HTML essential to have a Web with the present requirements.

To follow these landlords means to place our Web over the average and to offer a quality codification.

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Our agency of publicity in looks for clients who wish to expand their brand through average digitalises: Are you? Then he continues reading please. I promise to you that at the end of the reading I have a surprise for you who will cause that you love branding digital.

Agency of publicity online
Agency of publicity in : The essential guide.

Agency of publicity online

If what you are looking for are agencies of publicity in to be able to publicize to you in radio, it presses or television; then we are not the indicated people to help you. Nevertheless, let to me pose a question to you. If you found a person by the street and saw that 100‚¬ of the pocket has fallen him What you would do?

What you would do, but I am not due to recognize that with time I have learned that always is better to treat the people as you would like that they tried to you. You agree?

Traditional agencies of publicity: the accounts do not leave
Then to which we go. He is not to be inferior traditional means but nonaccounts with great budgets to invest in publicity, I must tell you that the radio, the press and the television are remaining back at local level.

Traditional agencies of publicity: the accounts do not leave

So if these thinking about investing in an agency of publicity in , let notice you to me that perhaps other more effective possibilities exist, measurable and tangible to arrive at your potential clients.

Recognize it, we found out the press through €œtwit€ or the post of a friend of Facebook. Ok! I recognize that we have not gained much with this because many of these news are fakes. But that we are going to him to do.

But, that you are a SME or start-up, which interests to you is where you can find your clients at this moment.

The answer is well simple. Great part of the time passes it connected to Internet.

You will not find them listening to the radio

You will not find them reading the newspaper.

Much less seeing a local television channel.

They will not come to your events.

It is sad, but it is the reality.

Every time people are leaving traditional means.

agencies of creative publicity
Nevertheless, all the companies need some type publicity of a way or another one.

agency of creative publicity in

An agency of publicity in  can help us to harness our company of successful form, even funny, but only if it is made correctly.

The graphical design of printed publicity, by itself, does not go has to cause that magically all events of marketing and commercial communication fill by magic art.

In the world the businesses, it is fundamental to find a good agency of publicity in , vital for our future that offers measurable results.

The experience and the creativity are the key of the success to satisfy all the clients. For that reason the best form to present your brand is to obtain the positioning in Internet. Introducing your brand in the social networks and the web search engines (SEO)

The objective of a publicity agency is to encourage to the client to put itself in touch with you. A good agency of publicity will help the development of its commercial brand, service or product.

One will be in charge therefore of the creation of positive images to try to influence within the mind of the consumer and to cause a sale in this way.


The elaboration of a webpage, for example, is very important to give one first impression to the client.

Already that it will sound to topic, but the certain thing is that it is a great truth that:

one second opportunity for one first impression is not had.

An agency of professional publicity online will advise to him at any moment about how it must present his commercial brand of an attractive and adapted way to average digitalises. We will contribute €œconsulting€ of digital marketing of quality that you are looking for.

You can use the typical discounts in newspapers, magazines, radio or television but anybody flame by this type of publicity and could be losing a considerable amount of money.

Nevertheless, the publicity online allows the use of different advertising audio-visual strategies at the same time. An agency of publicity in that offers integral services of digital marketing will accompany during the process by improvement by all those strategies having done more profitable its advertising investment to him.

The management of all the social networks of a same company for the support of the reputation online, can be a very exhausting task. A publicity agency online will allow him to get rid of all that troublesome work. The selection of an agency of publicity has social networks will be crucial for the development of its digital brand.

The advertising campaigns online are more strategic that those of paper, radio or television, since you can segment the type of hearing to which the announcements go. This does not mean that it is but easy, but will be more effective. Good doses of creativity and empathy will be required to create an announcement that it connects with our objective public. The text of its webpage will be one of advertising the key factors to make profitable its investment in Internet.

For it a study of complete market will be necessary.

A study of all the products, competitors and services that exist in Internet that can suppose a threat for the development of our company.

It considers that all competitors an agency of digital publicity is perhaps using already. Therefore, a great advantage will be to choose the agency of correct publicity. In this way to execute more effective campaigns of publicity.

Strategy of marketing and communication of the agencies of publicity in santa cross of
To choose the agency of correct publicity will not be always a easy task. In Internet it will find a great variety of professionals, companies or micro services. It will have to make a management of his budget fit to his main objectives. To add services that are not high-priority for their enterprise moment could suppose an obstacle for development of its company.

Strategy of marketing and communication of the agencies of publicity in santa cross of

CHOS THAT WEB is an advertising agency that is member of an enterprise group that offers multitude of cascade services, helping to the companies in its development creating bows of confidence for the enterprise growth.

We are located in the South zone of . But it is necessary we can approach to us until San Crist³bal of the Lagoon. Ponte in touch with us and immediately one of our agents will arrange an appointment with you as rapidly as possible and without commitment no. Our creative equipment this to advise to you in everything what you need to impel your business online.

Ahhh! you thought that the surprise had forgotten to me? In order to open the gift, first it lets a commentary or it doubts in this post. Later ponte in touch with us and gave us that commentary is yours. We will do a 15% to you of discount in anyone of our services.

If you have remained with desire otherwise it visits more articles as this here Agency of publicity in : A guide to choose the correct one.

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