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It is understood by digital marketing to the sum of all the processes that have as objective getting to obtain new clients for our business through Internet or what he would be the same, the conversion Web. This conversion Web, is the final process through what, a user who is in our webpage or lies down online, it takes to end an interaction process through what it becomes client our. For this reason, we must know clearly some premises and is that, whatever more visitors we have in our page, more probabilities we will have of which some of them takes to end a conversion process and that by all means, all the visitors will not become users.

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Considering these two previous criteria, it is possible to hope that most intelligent arrived at this case, that conversion, that is to say, taking would be to cause certain measures so that the visitors, once arrived at our store, count on an incentive that motivates them to become clients. These reasons can be varied, from a competitive price, to the exclusive feature of a product or that this last one, is bound to an irresistible supply. In summary, which we are going search, therefore, it is the optimization of the sale conversions and for it, we can be helped of some techniques of conversion Web with the aim of being able to secure a greater amount of clients and, therefore, to sell much more, we are going to see as we are going it to obtain.

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How to cause that our visitors become clients?

Before nothing, we must assure to us that our webpage is well structured and that is in a quality servant. This is quite important since the user experience plays a very important factor facing the conversion Web. The reason is quite simple and is that if a user enters our page and is incapable to find what walks looking for or directly the quite slow page him load, is quite probable that desperate, leaves the same and, therefore, that does not take to end any process of possible conversion. This is quite obvious, without client, is no product sale.

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Being conceited that our page meets the necessary conditions so that our user spends his time in her, now the main assignment is to draw its attention and to try to generate an added value that awards or harnesses its predisposition to take to end this conversion. In this aspect, it is important to indicate that the conversion process does not have because to be associate to a sale directly, for example, we can persuade it so that it subscribes to the bulletin of the news of our page and that, in this way, we make him arrive all a series from promotions at the mail with the aim of which later it takes to end a purchase.

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The simplification is key

In order to facilitate this conversion, a quite important aspect is the simplification. If we put to our client a series of innumerable ties, as for example the filling of a few forms, is than probable more that we end up losing its attention and the same effect takes place that when we have spoken of a page of bad quality, that is to say, that leaves the site. Of this form, we must put it, at the most simple, better. Of the same form that we do not have to complicate to us with the sale process, we do not have to do it with these techniques of conversion. In this case, that would be enough with introduced an e-mail where we want to make him arrive the promotions and promise to him that at the same also a coupon will arrive to him from discount for its next purchase.

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Indeed all these incentives, with coupons, discounts or any other type of technique persuasoria, can be interesting our client and to obtain that it takes to end this conversion.

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Finally, another quite key aspect at the time of bringing about all these conversions, is to inform to the client about all the advantages who can obtain if she takes to end this conversion. In this case, we could emphasize the importance that it has to be registered in a store online facing taking to end the purchase process. This process, is far better that when we are speaking of to an anonymous process of purchase, since we can indicate the advantage that has our personal data are kept and, therefore, we do not have to introduce them in later purchases again. Really, the motivation is important, reason why all the reasons that we can give our clients about which the conversion process is simple and advisable, will increase of considerable form the ratio of conversion of the same.

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