Creation Design Web

Creation design Web That such artists!

In this section we step by step explained the creative process to you that is behind the creation design digital Web.

Once we know clearly what is our objective public begins the adventure to create graphical surroundings that mainly indicate a visual comfortableness.

Dise±o apt Web so that the end user feels comfortable and safe to realise a call, to leave a commentary, to share a content or to even buy within a portal Web.

The creation Design Web is an ample and variable discipline. Multiple factors take part that must be harmonized to obtain an optimal final effect.

Subjects of creation of graphical design, branding are mixed, marketing, publicity and much more€¦

The services of creation design Web are not just like the services of graphical design.

It can seem to you strange to hear something thus. But the certain thing is that they are matters that do not have anything to do the one with the other.

A graphical Designer does not have because to know of data bases, he does not have to know of digital marketing, does not have to know how to write code CSS3, html5, Javascript, etc.

And nevertheless also it happens to the inverse one, in that a Designer Web does not have nor pajolera idea than it is the graphical design.

In either cases, if we added the fact that in addition: they do not have pleasure. Then it extinguishes and v¡monos because there is nothing no to do.

For this reason, it is possible that we find disastrous works in which a Graphical Designer aesthetically realises a hallucinating Web but with multitude of errors and bugs in the Web. In the same way, to the inverse one, we can find Webs done with a terrible taste but that nevertheless are positioned in the first positions of the web search engines.

Frustrating no?

The businessman must fight and heft that it is more important: branding or marketing. As if they were two brothers that take bad at the time of elaborating a digital project.

And it waits for, so that here the thing does not finish. If they work together imagines the commotion to you. Who can be understood there?

Bad you do not interpret to me. I am not putting to me with anybody for anything.

The fault is not of them. The fault is of the education.

They educate us to form pieces of a macabre and torturing puzzle that is the system. If you leave to you that system: .

€œOnly there are two alternatives. That you finish being a Genius or you finish being a Rebel. In either cases the freedom will be your prize and madness the price€

Particularly I would like to think that I am cultivating the genius that there is in me. Nevertheless, humility does not allow to add labels me to my thoughts but not to my acts.

What I want that you understand with this article is that sometimes we waited for too much of the common professionals.

In fact, the majority, has lived with the veil of the uncertainty that has forced to them to think that by simply made study a race they were going to have a stable work for all their life.

Until certain point this thought is pardonable.

What he is not pardonable is that you believe that studying a race you are going to have all the elements necessary to face you the labor market.

It is more, to face to you directly the market in itself.

The designer Web today is a being other people's to the society and the system.

He must learn of independent form because once in a while new technological languages are born, technological changes of algorithm, advances that replace mechanical tasks that destroy thousands of uses, and a long etc of circumstances that adhere to the evolution of Internet.

Really you think that the school or the universities can help to develop the digital professional of nowadays?

The answer is simple. No.

If it is certain that the universities would have simply to be a complement of the race.

But not something essential at the time of evaluating a professional. Mira Steve Jobs, Mira Bill Gates, etc.

Sincerely. In some cases, the university, can be an obstacle for the success.

For that reason professional 2,0, or 3.0. She is a person in constant renovation. He will learn everything what he is incumbent on to the technological industry and will mark some clear objectives.

Nevertheless, for the dandruff of this society. If, if, chaste it but the dandruff it will not be more than friki, a crazy person.

Very few will only see that perhaps he is somebody that is in process to obtain its dreams. And that simply seeing the degradation of the society, has stopped to him mattering what those of more think or say.

could be a neuralgic position for the technology. Like Iceland, place that I visited recently.

Perhaps like Iceland, would have to think about a technological development. Something that could let grow the wealth of the community. After all that occurs them well to look at stars. Why no, to think about turning this, the Silicon Valley of the Latin territory.

I came to because it knew that the crisis had moved to many search new forms of subsistence and saw that owned much movement in the subject of the Networking and Digital Marketing (very different Things by the way) and thought that it could evolve as professional of average digitalises in this natural and paradisiac surroundings.

I hope that they now do not fail the wings to me that finally I have decided to throw to fly.

It is therefore to which this section of the blog will be dedicated.

Work party of design Web

We will try from humility to unite those two opposite slopes that are the creation design Web with branding but also with marketing. Two opposed that must be united to be able to achieve the success of any campaign of digital transformation in Internet.

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