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We count of the last hardware in the market,
ideal for your project, or of server game,
or what you wish. We own flexibilities, which
the best one is complemented with a good price and
mitigation of Latin America

To form servant

Systems of mitigation

We count on but the outpost technology in mitigation
of all Latin America, our Praetorian System, is able
to mitigate attacks of any type of until 100Gbp/s,
using his different levels from protection it reduces to null
the possibilities that an attack affects our network.
In addition, for the comfort of our clients,
we offer to an interface Web that interacts with this system,
showing logs of ips blocked, types of attacks the system
it detected and it blocked, among others functions.


Services including

  • Limitless transference
  • Uptime 99,9%
  • Technical guard 24horas
  • KVM IP
  • Panel of management of vps
  • System of traffic monitoring
  • Constant monitoring