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Frequent questions

Through average what I can pay?

For greater comfort, we make its available multiple average of payment:

Once its payment is credited in our system, it will be come to qualify the asked for service.

If installment today, I must return to pay the same day of the month that comes?

No, the payments are realised of day 1 to the 10 of every month. Otherwise, the account will begin to add interests. For example, if day 15 were paying a service of $100 of the month, it would happen the following thing:
In their account, $100 enter day 15. The service is qualified, and of the present balance of their account, the days only discount that are going to be used of the month in course. In this case, they would be 15 days (What it remains from day 15 until finalizes the month). Therefore, in his account they would be to favor for next month $50. Therefore, the following month, instead of having to pay $100 (the total of the installment), would only have to pay $50 (the total of the installment, except the balance that it owned to favor).

There is some minimum of permanence in the service that it contracts?

No, the brindandos services by Solugames, do not have minimum of permanence.

To give the loss of the service, I only have to stop paying it?

No, if it is stopped paying the service, it can get to end at legal conflicts.
In order to ask for the loss, simply click in the button is due to enter the administrative panel of the account (logeando itself with its CIU in this same page), and to make €œask for loss€ of the service that wishes. Or, to send an e-mail to, being informed what service wishes to terminate.

Since I make to pay with credit cards?

By security, we realised a validation of identity of the client in case it wishes to pay with credit card. The process consists simply in responding a series of questions that our system will formulate. In case the automatic validation does not have positive result, a representative will communicate with you to inform to him as it is the procedure to follow for being able to qualify this means of payment.