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Designs Web of HIGH IMPACT. You will never have one second opportunity for one first impression. You are arranged to play it to you? Design and professional programming HTML5 and CSS for your Web site.

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Marketing Online

The USA our SECRET prescription of publicity and marketing online: Strategy, Hosting, Experience of User and Conversion. These are the vanguard techniques that already work. You do not try to invent the wheel.

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Positioning Web

Not yet you have Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? THE BAD NEWS. It is possible that your clients this speaking badly of your brand and your without finding out to you, without knowledge that to do! Positioning Web in is the solution

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Which is our Secret prescription for the design Web in ?


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Traffic Web

In order to obtain more opportunities of business, your webpage must have the suitable traffic of visits. Search engine optimization, dedicated server and campaigns PPC offer the best results. Google adwords, Facebook Ads and the positioning SEO are the key.

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Branding Web

Creation design Web in the Canary Islands of the perfect image of your company for the positioning Web of your brand over the competition. We design surroundings that help like vps host to create a bond of confidence and comfort between its company and the users in Internet. It increases its possibilities of sale!

Conversion Web

You will obtain more sales implementing a marketing strategy online by using a web hosting that turns the visits into clients. We apply to techniques and strategies already implemented by other companies along with cheap vps hosting to increase the percentage of conversion of visits to potential clients from its webpage. It also helps with PHP and other software.

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Design professional Web

The design of boring and corporativistas webpages is thing of the past. Nowadays you need a Web design. To generate an atmosphere of implication between the brand and the client. If it is not thus, your clients will flee!
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Digital marketing

In order to go to the last one, in addition, your designer Web must know how to create €œa Web responsive €œ. That is to say, adapted to all the devices: mobiles, portable, desktop computers of all the brands, etc. Our company of Canary design Web places you to the vanguard of the last tendencies of the development of webpages.

No product is good without a good strategy

Marketing Online

You knew that the Spanish users have tripled their purchases by Internet in these two last years? So that it happens this? The answer is simple:

And you? You are to take the advantage from Strategic Marketing Online in the new digital scene? The design of webpages is not recommended to realise without a study of digital marketing.

Attention: They are speaking of your brand in the social networks!

Services of Management of Social Networks

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


What is the design Web responsive and what is the design Web adaptive? Design Web responsive and design Web adaptive.

The design and creation of adaptive webpages and the design Web response with html5 and css3


they have the same purpose. Nevertheless there are questions that you must differentiate to avoid surprises in the final budget of your project Web. Design of Web responsive. The only thing that concerns of the design Web to you responsive is that concerning SEO (that is to say as far as the positioning), one the design

Web responsive

he is more effective because it has a different version to each device. This accelerates the load of images and therefore it improves the positioning in Google.Since you can deduce contains a greater service load which will mean that the budget could get dearer. This is only advisable for great companies that count on more comfortable budgets.The design Web online adaptive (


Design adaptable Web


The design Web online adaptive, on the contrary, is had an only version of the webpage and the content within her adjusts to the size of the device, either or is movable or desktop.

The design adaptive Web is much more economic and reasonable for the small and medium business.

We do not have to confuse the terms adaptive or responsive with the native applications of the movable devices.

The cause that a same version of HTML and css conforms different types from resolutions of screen does not mean that these can offer the same advantages that the native applications Web of smartphones.

Ten in account that a Web always will be visualizable from a navigator as chrome, firefox, safari, one app Nevertheless native etc. will be necessary a previous unloading from the official repositorios of the operating systems of smartphones: Google Play or Apple Store.

Nevertheless in CHOS THAT WEB we bet by the design Web responsive for the sale of services or products since it is the fastest way in costs and time to realise campaigns of marketing through Internet.

However, and so that they do not exist bad understood, we set out next some qualities that we will not be able to offer from a Web unlike apps native.

Necessity of connection to Internet for the load and operation. 

The Webs always will require of the access to Internet since the archives as images, videos, audio or archives of language code are loaded from an external servant. It is the finder (Browser) the one that is in charge to accede to these archives for its correct reading.

This is translated in which we will limit the quality of image or video if load from a Web, thus to obtain a greater speed of load. From not being in this way, the webpage could receive a by ricochet greater rate, which would harm the usability or the positioning Web.


How designed is a webpage? It is a very long process?

How a webpage is designed.

If you decide to send with a design Web to size, that is to say, starting off from zero, the development of webpages can even be extended weeks and months.

The design advanced Web HTML is a tedious code. They are due to write of lines of code of advanced thousand HTML to form the line of vision of what it is seen in the navigator.

We make webpages with pieces of code prearmed and ready to use. If you have a clear idea. With this method you can have a webpage in a matter of days. And if you do not have a clear idea, he does not pass anything either because we throughout advised the way to you towards the success who you look for in Internet.

A significant difference between the design Web to size and our method is the budget Web. At the most time takes in elaborating the greater source code will be the budget.

Unless you have in mind a comparable unique idea to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube we did not advise the development to you of webpages from zero. Multiple pre-created options for almost all the models of business exist already. The only thing you need is a study Web that at the most organizes and connects all these pieces of code so that you have your webpage in a matter of days, or, in months.


Nevertheless, if what you wish it is to instruct itself about which it is the process by which a webpage is realised we recommended to you that you read the following article. 

The 7 Phases of Dise±o of Webpages.
It seems to You interesting?
Design of pages Webs can be something confused

Dise±o of pages Webs can get to be something confused

Design of webpages explained in 7 fundamental phases. In this article we make a review by the processes of creation so that you can understand as the design of webpages is elaborated.

If you have arrived until this article perhaps you do not have nor idea exceeds how to design a webpage. Or perhaps you have some questions before contracting a design of webpages.

Or perhaps you are thinking about improving one of that already you have. In any case you will need to know some basic slight knowledge on the design of webpages.

€œI promise to you that to read this article they will only take 5 minutes you from your time.€

In this article you will find help on webpages before deciding a price the design by webpage.

For the design of professional webpages a design study is required first deep Web about the publicity and the marketing of the brand.

Once we have nourished the sufficient thing about the global vision, values and perspective of the company. We can begin to see as confront the design and programming of our professional webpage.

In the first place we will see the utility have the design of a webpage. The webpages are the center of all campaigns of digital marketing in the World Wide Web.

All these channels need a certain positioning Web and to obtain the maximum number of possible visits.

Nevertheless, if your page wordpress is not optimized to turn all these visits into clients you will have a serious problem. You will have lost in the return of the investment destined to average digitalises.

Therefore, the main objective of the design of your webpage is to obtain the maximum number of sales.

This, in the language of Marketing denominates Conversion of Sales. In order to make the most pleasant and legible article we will summarize the process of the design of webpage in 7 comprehensible phases.
Phase 1 of the design of webpages: Analysis.
Analytical Web

Analytical Web

Here we must identify some crucial points about the project of the design of our Web.

Possibly we can help us with webpages, examples of designs or any other resource that help us to have a vision and perspective of the business to try.

To define clearly which is the intention of the design of the webpage.

Before home the project we must have a global vision of the real intentions of the company.

All company has a unique and clear intention that it can summarize in a phrase or two.

To provide this information to the programmers of webpages will allow to maintain the approach in each one of the phases in the configuration of the design of the webpage.

Objectives of the design of the webpage.

  • We have already mentioned previously that the main objective of all webpage is to turn the visits into clients. Nevertheless, this will be translated in a certain action.
  • This certain action can be:
  • Telephone calls of our client
  • It could also be that the user left certain personal data so that we could realise commercial calls

Simply that they drove the button to pay to a product or the button to add to the shopping cart.


Therefore this is something that is due to define before home with the project Web.

It is possible to say that a Web can have one or several objectives. These must of being categorisen by order of subordination. Since it will influence in the level of depth of click for each of them.

Objective public of the design of webpages.

It is very important to consider that we make webpages for a certain public.

He is vital that the company facilitates all the data about its ideal client.

This information will define the tone of the words in the webpage, his copywriting, colors, images, etc. is to connect with the public.

Therefore, whatever more information about a who goes sent our webpage, we will have more possibilities of implementing the correct strategies of digital marketing and of realising branding Web of great impact for our hearing.

Phase 2 of the design of webpages: Planning.

In the schedule one is due to define: a map of the website, architecture Web, structure of the connections and hierarchy of concepts.

Phase 3 of the design of webpages: Design.

Some designers of webpages for companies insist on the models of group and visual style. They assure to us that they are the most important part of our designs.

Nevertheless, the true experts designers Web know that values UX/UI (Usability Web and Experience of User) are much more important.

In addition the specialists in design to webpages to size usually offer the creation webpages from zero. However, all the companies cannot allow this modality by their lifted price.

Aside from the services of design Web a valuation will be due to do about which they are the applications Web that will be included in the webpage and which better they adapt to our project Web.

Phase 4 of the design of webpages: Content.

The best design of webpage is not that one that has some attractive images but it has a text that urges the purchase of the services or products within our webpage.

In this phase we decided therefore copywriting of the text, the photos and videos with which we will form the design of covers online.

Finally we will make a revision of the content to add the words and I connect necessary for the optimization SEO.

These solutions in the Web will allow the positioning company SEO to improve the positioning Web in the design and marketing of the webpage.

The best company of positioning Web would have to make the analytical ones of the competition pertinent to reach realistic objectives of positioning Web in the process of design of portals Web.

Phase 5 of the design of webpages: Development Web .

Here it is where it is decided that programming languages of webpages we will use in the project.

We will require something of patience until the creative companies of webpages carry out their work and write all the code of programming.

The development companies Web that we choose must be updated and to know how to program so much in Responsive Webs as in Adaptives

Phase 6 of the design of webpages: Tests

We already have the sketch of our finished Web. It is moment to realise a Technical Test in the premises and servant.

In this part it is possible to be required of the collaboration of the own owner of the company or some of his employees to verify that everything works correctly in our webpage.

Whatever more eyes can verify any possible error better.

We must remember that a Web has thousands of parameters and one comma of or of less in the HTML5 code can more generate bug that is due to correct as soon as possible.

For it a visualization is realised in all the navigators more common to find the possible errors.

Finally, within this phase it is good for realising a valuation. To collate with third people if the design of the webpage fulfills the intention who we had decided at first.

Phase 7 of the design of webpages: Launching.

If not yet we know to the name of the domain and lodging Web, this it is the moment for choosing it.

This will be able to be done with a search of expired domains. But that has had a good positioning in the past or to create a name name brand with an enterprise process of namming.

The quality of hosting (lodging Web) will be directly proportional to the weight of the design of the final webpages and the amount of visits that the Web hopes to receive.

The SEO company will monitor the Web during next the 6 months to see the evolution of the results of positioning of the webpage.

We will have to realise several tests once sent the webpage to the public. For example to find possible errors (bugs) that they could have as I connect to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ that did not work correctly and failures of the sort.

We will have to finally value what will be the maintenance and minimum update that will require our webpage.

Seemed you has much the information? Ok does not pass anything. We summarize

Final conclusions on the design of webpages.

As you can see the process design webpages can be something complex. But we think that he must thus be if we want to obtain a professional design of webpages.

It is important that you understand that the best designs of webpages will require of a sometimes tedious process, but that by all means is worth the trouble.

In our study of design Web CHOS THAT WEB we will at any moment advise throughout the process to you the creation of your project. 

If I choose the positioning Web How much take does Google in positioning a Web?

Positioning Web in Google.

Exiten at the moment two methods of design and positioning Web: positioning professional Web with methodology Black Hat and positioning natural Web with White Hat methodology.
The two methodologies do not guarantee in any case results. You must understand that SEO Google is a science that experiments with the algorithm of Google. And since you will already have heard that way, this algorithm is secret.

Nevertheless, the success probabilities grow exponentially when they are used

tactics of White Hat.

The Black Hat destines all efforts to obtain the positioning skipping the manual of €œbest practices of google€ and the €œQuality Raters€. That is to say, to try €œto deceive€ the algorithm of Google. There is nothing of illegal in this and perhaps at first it works. But you have to know that the algorithm of Google changes some 500 times every year. What guarantees we have of which our positioning Web fence to last in the future?

For this reason, he is vitally important that you are skeptic before services that promise to positioning results Web in the short term. Since you could obtain results in just a short time but exist too many risks also of which the algorithm of google puts yours against.

Unless the webpage that these trying to position does not have expositions to stay in the future, we did not recommend the use of these practices.

White Hat is quite the opposite. One is to be constructing to your space in Internet following the norms that mark the web search engines. The results will take in being made notice. But once obtained a high position it is very difficult that they clear it to us, almenos in a short term of time.

As you understand this does not apply within the most competitive sectors. It is very difficult to anticipate as the competition will behave before our attempts to position to us.

We realised design, positioning Web and marketing online. Everything in a same pack. We price a part of our work during the process and another part when the results arrive. In this way the client feels less risk when investing in his digital assets and we more are motivated to obtain the results for our clients. Treatment done?


Which are the types of more common designs Web?

Designs Web: An exquisite Guide about most popular. The more common designs Web are those than they group the greater demand. That is to say, those that we can call €œstandard€. If these looking for information to know exactly that it is what you must solicit to create your webpage then this information are vitally important for the development of your project. So my recommendation is that you from a to z read this article written by our expert of digital marketing. It does not have waste.Types of


designs Web

: A brief introduction.

€œHello good I would like a budget for a good design Web for an important company of , They include the logo and lodging of webpages€.

Thus the conversations between your and I begin normally.

The amount of types of designs Web is incredible that exist nowadays. Nevertheless, the client gives by seated who the advising in digital marketing is gratuitous€¦

I write this article with the intention to throw something of light to the fact that you know at least where you are going away to put. After all, that you have a guide with all the types of designs Web that exist at present will help you to that you know with certainty which is the one that better will adapt to your enterprise project.

In serious, it would not do this if it were not because I am an enthusiastic one of my work until the marrow and leaves from the design professional Web is to work elbow with elbow with the client until its project sees the light. Therefore I have realised with affection and care this list for you. I hope that it serves helpful in your adventure of digital transformation. Companies small and medians you arrive at my offices looking for to catch the attention of the user through the creation of an impressive webpage that only exists as idea. But at the time of the truth, if you are sincere with same you, you do not have nor idea of by where home.Types of


Designs Web

: Static Webs versus Dynamic Webs.

Before home with the design and development Web the main dimension of project is due to value. Two types of Webs exist basically: static webpages and dynamic webpages.

Static webpages.

The static webpages are those whose content is, is worth the redundancy, static. That is to say, those Webs that the content does not change. This type of Webs can realise it a designer freelance Web that has sufficient knowledge HTML5 and CSS. These languages will be sufficient to create webpages with a fixed content.

Dynamic webpages.

The dynamic webpages have the capacity to vary their content on the basis of the interactivity that happens they inside. That is to say, if we wished that the user can accede to a data base it makes specific forces to that the content within the webpage changes. For example if we entered a Web of hotels they do not have sense to show the user all the rooms available in a same page and that is the user must to make a tedious search to find the room that adjusts more to its needs. He is more in that search we will have to only show those that are empty at that same moment. Therefore the content not only is dynamic as far as the data that can introduce the user but also that will depend on the moment at which it does it. For the accomplishment of it is page we will have to count on a design company Web that can also handle programming languages as PHP, Javascript, Ruby, NodeJS, among others.

Therefore, if the intention of your Web is purely informative and counts with not more than 5 webpages, with a static webpage it will be sufficient.

If on the contrary you are thinking about using the Web as means of pick up of traffic Web, that is to say, visits that could be turned into future clients. He is recommendable that the webpage whose content can vary of dynamic form so that it adapts to any strategy of marketing.

We can include four subclasses that we can apply to previous models both.

To size static designs Web starting off of zero. The development Web to size and starting off of zero means that it will be left from a sketch in paper or with the help of a graphical designer and Web will be developed to the project until the end. For a Web of approximately 5 pages the work to a pair of months could extend if we wished a well finished professional work and.

Designs Web

from static groups. In this case we left from a group to choose that can be gratuitous or of payment and it will be modified based on the needs. These works a month can be extended approximately.

Designs Web

dynamic with integration of visual subjects from groups. If we know what is going to be the content manager that will be used for the development of the Web we can start off of pre-elaborated visual subjects. These designs Web normally usually are of payment and allow some customizaciones. The elaboration of these projects usually is of one week or two of work. Some visual subjects that they are not Lock-in (that is to say that cannot be modified the source code) can be modified although it does not come within the options of the visual subject at issue. These variations touching the source code could extend the conclusion of the project according to the case.

Designs Web

with visual subjects to size for dynamic Webs and starting off of zero. The possibility that exists you do not find the visual style that adapts to your project. In this case, a visual style can be created totally to size. This also implies to start off of zero as in the first case but in addition the later work is due to realise to integrate it in the content manager that you are going to use. This work can last of 2 to 4 months following the complexity of the project.

Designs Web

with applications Web to size. Also the possibility exists of creating applications in accordance with Web of the zero client. The development of these applications is extremely complex and it is not recommended for the SMEs.

Designs Web

with applications Web of third parties. These are used by the SMEs. They are of easy integration and they exist in the market solutions for almost all the more common models of business. We speak here of sale, reservations systems online of entrances, reserve of hotels, product sale, etc.

Designs Web

with modifications of applications Web of third parties. The possibility also exists of modifying these applications Web to fit them to the needs of the client. These modifications will be possible as long as the applications Web are not Lock-in as already we mentioned in some of the previous cases.


Designs Web

according to the manager of content CMS: Content Management System.

The content managers help to developer Web and to businessmen Co-to create the content of the Webs when you are they have a dynamic content.

Unless you are Mark Zukerberg and you want to initiate a new and totally innovating project is not necessary that you realise a project from zero.

Solutions of creation of content Web available and gratuitous exist so that you can develop to your project with the initial help of an expert in designs Web.

  1. In addition, each CMS has a legion to plugins of independent developers that offer solutions for almost all the present types of business such as the shipment of newsletter with mailchimp blog for example. The most popular CMS are WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and Wix. But we left the complete list you so that you can value you yourself what is the best manager of contents according to your needs.
  2. Whether you decide to make a Web in joomla as if you prefer a design Web wordpress multilanguage in Incubateurpicardie I am so you need.
  3. WordPress
  4. Joomla
  5. Prestashop
  6. Adobe Dreamweaver
  7. Shopify
  8. Wish
  9. Blogger
  10. Drupal
  11. Moodle
  12. Typo3
  13. Magento
  14. Bitrix
  15. Squarespace



I will briefly comment next those that I consider as more important.


WordPress is the manager of contents more used nowadays and has a platform of greater developer. You can find solutions for almost all the types of business. Mainly it is focused to small and medium businesses where the proprietors of the Webs can self-manage the content without practically having to resort to the programmers.

It is possible to clarify that WordPress is not a WordPress CRM, that is to say a Customer Relationship Manager (Manager of relation with the client). Although with some solutions to size it is possible to be added, was not created the WordPress platform exclusively for this aim.


With the Web Joomla it is possible practically to be done just like with wordpress. But in addition its usability also allows experts in internal data bases to develop your joomla as intranets, management of inventory, reservations systems, management of tails, systems of communication and things of the sort.


Prestashop is the Platform of more popular Management of Contents for the design Web lies down online. The CMS is gratuitous but the only disadvantage is perhaps that the majority of plugins is of payment. Something that plugin wordpress of gratuitous Woocomerce, that turns your WordPress into a store online, does not have anything to envy to the CMS of Prestashop. In aim for tastes colors. For me, WordPress with Woocomerce will be always better since more information exists much to integrate a strategy SEO in the designs Web.

Adobe Dreamweaver.

The signature of Adobe always is outstanding as the Premium tool of the design Web for graphical designers and projects focused to branding of in which the vanguard of the design is a key piece of the marketing strategy. Although in my opinion other alternatives in the other CMS that allow to cover the tasks rather well with branding and design exist.


Shopify creates designs Web lies down online extremely fast and easy. For his basic operation it does not need programmers Web. Between one or two people can be managed without problems thanks to their incredible interface created for dummies. The only one beats that we can add is that is not gratuitous and in addition, if you want customizarla of a specific form you will need a programmer Web that it controls of Ruby. At least of basic form the programming language Liquid de Shopify.


Wish is possible to say that we cannot consider to wish as a CMS since although to grown exponentially that it does not turn it into a CMS. But rather it is a Market Place as she can be AliExpress or Amazon. The people are many who look for as to create a clothes store online wish because she is putting herself fashionable. But you have to know that wish in a Market Place exists a great difference between having a clothes store to have designs Web in a CMS that in addition you can integrate products lies down wish, as well as products of Amazon or AliExpress.


Drupal can practically be developed any project of business although learning curve is denser than with wordpress. That if, he is the favourite by the programmers Web so that it facilitates to develop to any project Web to them. But the client is subjugated in the dependency of webmasters for substantial changes of the designs Web.

Moodle. Moodle is directed mainly to create platforms destined to the education. It allows sending great files easily. The design moodle is the favourite by professors and educators although he is recommendable to have a servant moodle deprived by comfort and ease of use. Some models quite easy exist in the market to use at even domestic level.


Designs Web

according to its compatibility

The modern designs can be or noncompatible with all the navigators, all the movable devices and desktop, or with all the sizes of screen. It is possible to say that we understand €œtotal compatibility€ not only that the content is visible, but also the UI (User interface) works correctly and UX (Experience of the User) has a minimum of satisfaction in the user. We can classify the designs Web according to this approach in:

Adaptive Web Design. We have an adaptive design when the content is compatible for all the resolutions of standard screen. A Web adaptive forces the navigator to give to the user a version of the design specific for each one of the more common formats standard of size. So that you understand it, if for example you want that in your webpage it appears a certain image you will have to keep that same image in the different sizes several times to be able to give to the navigator the version that complies to the size of the screen more. content reorganizing the elements so that one adapts to the size of the device.

Responsive Web Design. We have a sensible design to the sizes of screen when the content is compatible for all the resolutions and sizes of screen. That is to say, unlike the adaptive design we only have an only version of the webpage and are the images and the contents those that are redimensioned to comply to the size of display of the device.

And you will be wondering yourself why these two ways exist and not one. Which is better? The certain thing is that although you always do not create it will be better first, the adaptive design since to the salary an only version for each size the navigator will take much less in loading the page. Obvious the work is not double at the time of creating a webpage but up to 20 times more work if we want to file until the minimum detail.

The design responsive always will need to redimension the size of the images and elements, which will make take more to the navigator to load the page.

Perhaps these differences you can seem imperceptible since we spoke of thousandth of second. Nevertheless, this is very important because they affect by ricochet to the rate of the user, design Web and positioning SEOAs you will be able to observe this question has more to do with your budget to initiate the project. However, a solution for fit budgets could be to invest in the quality of hosting to thus be able to show preference for the design responsive instead of the adaptive design. Types of


Designs Web

according to the strategy of Digital Marketing.

You remember the saying €œthe client always is right€. Then I feel it, but that is not worth to you here.

My experience says to me that almost about 99% of the cases, the clients think that the designs Web are a product of art and culture and that the best designs Web of the world are those that they have obtained design prizes Web.

If the essential webpage of your project depends on the illustrations of the designers to do the Web branding of your brand then I give the reason you: The best webpages are those than they like more to people by his design. Therefore it is logical that you finish in the thought of which €œIf I like, probably it likes my clients€. Gross error€¦

If your brand still is drinks in Internet you do not try to invent the wheel. Designs Web constructed exist with an approach of directed marketing to the first needs of one start-up.

I will put an example to you so that you understand it.

It does not have sense that your designs Web offer images in HD for screens 4K. If you cannot pay to a service of lodging Web that allows to load those images quickly, the user who arrives at your Web will lose the patience and will leave.

If what you have is a business, the best Webs of the world do not have to be those that simply you like visually but those that sells more or but are visited. That is to say, those that €œwork€.

  • Here you have a list of the different designs Web according to the applied strategy of marketing. Obvious a Web can contain in its architecture one or several of these webpages.
  • If you wish it you can make click in some the connections for a greater explanation for the less obvious concepts.
  • Landing Page
  • Page salts
  • Squeeze Page
  • Video Page Salts
  • Thankyou Page
  • Thankyou page Hybrid
  • Download Page
  • Survey Page
  • SEO Page
  • Brand Page
  • Home Page
  • Product Page
  • Shopping cart
  • Services Page
  • Prices Page
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Terms of Use
  • Legal warning

Warning of Cookies Policy of privacy Types of


Designs Web

according to the business model.

They exist packs of development Web that is integrated to the CMS that contain a visual subject and the corresponding applications Web that adjusts to the more common models of business. This allows to limit the working hours for the elaboration of the project and therefore the production costs.

In this list we enunciated the pages more outstanding than usually they include in each of these packs common that they are possible to be found in the market.

Designs for restaurants.

The pages Webs of restaurants usually include a page of cover with images and focused to the location. The pages restaurants usually include a page with catalogue of images. A Web for restaurants could at home include applications for the reserve of food online or for the reserve of the tables of the restaurant. Although this last one it usually offers plus the companies of systems that the designers Web.

Design of virtual stores.

The design of stores online that or come with their shopping cart, its footbridge of payment or its product pages.

Corporative design.

These normally include a page of cover, a page of presentation of services and a page of contact.

Design Web for real estate.

Usually they have a page of cover with the main properties, a catalogue and a finder of properties.

Usually they have a webpage of focused cover to the location. They have a webpage with gallery of images and a page of contact. He is recommendable that includes some applications Web to improve the positioning local Web.

I also need a logo. They also offer services of graphical design?

Services of graphical design logo for your webpage

Our services of design do not include stationery store or presses. We bet by the development of the new technologies of the information and the conservation of the environment.

Already design websites I myself. They can help with the positioning Web me SEO?

Positioning Web SEO for pages already created

You are programmer of webpages and you are tired to hear the complaints of your clients about the positioning? You do not worry.

It is normal.

We understand it.

Your clients do not understand what is your true work.

He does not pass anything. He breathes.

If you are a freelance Web and you consider a creator of professional Web (Webmaster) you cannot leave your clients lament on the positioning Web.

We realise studies of key words from 50‚¬ with tools outposts of SEO as SemRush, Seolyze, Ahrefs, etc€¦

Needed is designer Web in CHOS THAT WEB?

Freelance designer looks for.

Officially we do not have any process of open selection at this moment. But every month projects arrive to us, which we are ourselves forced to reject not to have enough time to absorb them properly or so that the project includes specific technological areas that we cannot cover.

Nevertheless, always we are arranged to have a discussion with people who are forming in new technologies or programming languages. new in case it arrived to us some project in which its collaboration was required.

I look for developer Web that knows thorough PHP, MYSQL and Javascript. That sound old but Facebook began with PHP, you do not forget it.

I look for programmer simple Web that knows to modify plugins of wordpress or to create plugins from zero.

I look for designer Web that knows to program with SaSS and CSS3 for the creation of subjects of wordpress from zero or to modify groups of wordpress without Lock-in.

Generally one looks for companies that work in the design Web Spain for precise collaborations in certain projects that could arise with time.

Also a company design looks for Web that is able to develop to applications Web to low cost.

The design of portals Web can be an activity developed from different locations. Therefore the distance will be never a problem while it has connection to Internet and a good machine.

We look for first of all human.

What criteria use to realise the budget of a webpage? Budget Webpage In order to realise a budget Web uto obtain more data about how elaborating one correctly. Please it accedes to our page of